Welcome to our exciting SPECTRUM Podcast!

In the first season of our podcast, we will bring together the trends, challenges and solutions that matter most to ANDRITZ customers, and to the pulp, paper and bioproduct industries at large.

You will have the chance to listen to expert views as we discuss the current hottest topics of our industry. We will deep dive in the world of the latest innovations and digital solutions, as well as exciting journeys into the latest mill and technology start-ups.

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Mark Rushton

Mark Rushton


How is ANDRITZ working towards lessening impact on the planet and helping to mitigate climate change?


Jukka Kantola, Founder World BioEconomy Forum

Naveen Chenna, Head of Business and Technology Development, ANDRITZ

Janne Rantala, Vice President - Biofuels and Green Chemicals, Veolia

Matti Toivonen, Vice President of Technology, Metsä Fibre

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How can autonomy implemented in the recovery boiler increase overall productivity and safety?


Hamilton Brandao, Director, Technology for Recovery Boiler, ANDRITZ

Li Liao, Vice President, Automation and Digitalization – SMART Products, ANDRITZ

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Is it really possible to make high quality pulp from woodyard waste?


Sampsa Laakso, Technology Manager, Cooking technology, ANDRITZ
Mika Pärssinen, Project Manager, Fiberline, ANDRITZ
Paulo Cardoso,  Project Manager, Altri Celbi
Carlos Lapo, Project Engineer, Altri Celbi

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Steel Yankee – the re-invention of the wheel?


Riccardo Pierini, Customer Care Manager Tissue at ANDRITZ

Franz Harrer, Head of Technology Tissue at ANDRITZ

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Looking to the future: What can customers expect as Joachim Schönbeck takes the helm as CEO of ANDRITZ?


Dr. Joachim Schönbeck,

President and CEO, ANDRITZ

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