Hello to all friends & fans, of the Pulp, Paper and bioproducts industry!

Welcome to our exciting ANDRITZ SPECTRUM Podcast – Season 3.

Mark Rushton

Mark Rushton


You will have the chance to listen to expert views on all aspects of sustainability as we discuss the latest developments in our industry. We will deep dive into the world of the latest innovations and solutions for reducing carbon footprint and managing energy use, as well as exciting journeys into the latest mill and technology start-ups.

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I am Mark Rushton and I will be your Host.


How is ANDRITZ transforming the paper and tissue industry with innovative technology and a passionate team? 


Wojciech Niemczyk
Head of Sales and Applications, ANDRITZ

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Improved efficiency means a lower carbon footprint. How can this be achieved in the white liquor plant?


Ville Seppänen
Sales Manager, ANDRITZ

Kalle Rekola
Product Manager, ANDRITZ

Airi Antikainen
Product Owner, SMART Products, ANDRITZ

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What does the future hold for ANDRITZ Pulp & Paper Business Area under new leader Jarno Nymark?


Jarno Nymark
Member of the Executive Board, ANDRITZ

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