Success stories

Äänekoski: A mill for the 21st century

Metsä Group’s Äänekoski bioproduct mill has been the talk of the global pulp and paper industry for some time now with its outstanding environmental efficiencies and ambitions for new products derived from wood. Starting up in August 2017, ANDRITZ supplied crucial technology to help make the Äänekoski bioproduct mill a showcase production site for the 21st Century.

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Bhadrachalam: Declaration of Independence

Indian packaging and paperboard giant, ITC Paperboard & Specialty Papers, is well on its way to achieving the challenging ambition of becoming 100% self-sufficient in local wood and fiber supply for its Bhadrachalam Mill in the state of Telangana, Southern India.

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Eldorado Celulose - Self-driving mill?

There is a lot of news available about Google, Uber, and the automobile manufacturers’ efforts to develop autonomous automobiles (i.e., unattended and self-driving vehicles capable of sensing their environment and navigating without human input).

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Montes del Plata: Metris cloud engineering

Saves time and money

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Riikinvoima: If you go down to the woods today ...

The classic children’s nursery rhyme continues … “you’ll be in for a big surprise”.

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Stockholm’s Environmental Masterpiece

One of the world’s largest biomass projects, Värtaverket biomass CHP plant, has started up in Stockholm.

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A world-class Recovery

An explosion hit the boiler in Pöls, leaving it irreparably damaged and needing a replacement. ANDRITZ took up the challenge.

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Making it all add up

ANDRITZ has recently completed four service operations in just four months at Mayr-Melnhof’s FS Karton Neuss mill.

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LEIPA’s mission: environmental protection at all levels

ANDRITZ supported Leipa during the rebuild of the screening plant in DIP1.

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A voyage of discovery – Partnering for success

ANDRITZ has been a firm and reliable partner in Celbi’s remarkable transformation which has seen it become a world leader in efficient pulp making.

St. Croix Tissue: Coming full circle

Two decades ago, the Woodland mill in Maine was a vibrant pulp and paper complex. Suffering the fate of many commodity pulp and fine paper mills, Woodland was near extinction in 2010 when a company with a vision bought the assets, injected USD 180 million (EUR 155 million), and changed the course to value-added tissue production.

Iggesund - October 2016 - HR (22)
Iggesund: It must be good. It must be brilliant!

Iggesund Paperboard’s mill in Workington, UK will soon celebrate the 50th anniversary of its first production run. But, this is a company that focuses mainly on the future. Following the latest in a line of investments, it recently restarted its board machine after ANDRITZ rebuilt the press section – increasing capacity 10% and reducing energy consumption by almost 10%.

Paloma: Healthy Heart of a tissue machine

Paloma Hygienic Paper is headquartered in Sladki Vrh, Slovenia, close to the Austrian border. Paloma has more than 140 years’ experience in the production and sale of high-quality hygiene papers and today is a leading supplier in the Adriatic region and Central Europe. Annual production is more than 70,000 tonnes in the form of kitchen rolls, paper handkerchiefs, paper napkins, medical towels, and different kinds of toilet paper. In addition to its own brands, Paloma develops and produces private label products for leading European retail chains.

Klabin - June 2016 - HR (28)
Starting up a dream

The opportunity to work on a greenfield mill project is the dream of many people in our industry. The people who helped create the 1.5 million t/a Puma Mill exactly on time certainly lived the dream. This includes ANDRITZ, which was recognized as being the best performing supplier in the project.

Mjoelby-Sweden-Sept2016-HR (073)
Mjölby: Winter warmth from the forest

Environmental concern is deeply embedded within Sweden’s DNA. ANDRITZ recently added to this environmental commitment by supplying a biomass combined heat-and-power (CHP) plant to keep residents of the town of Mjölby warm in the winter – using renewable fuels from local forests.

Tembec - Temiscami Boiler - Sept2016 - HR (01)
Tembec: Red liquor. Green power.

The new ANDRITZ SulphitePower recovery boiler improves production costs and environmental performance at Tembec in Canada while providing steady, long-term revenue for green electricity.

Higher capacity, more flexibility, less energy

UPM’s recently completed investment project resulted in about a 25% increase in pulp production at the Kymi mill in Finland.

Never standing still

After ANDRITZ delivered the major chemical recovery equipment, it provided also technical services, rebuilds, upgrades, and modernizations to help keep the mill updated and efficient.

Dongguan Jianhui - China - March 2016 HR  (94)_01_cmyk
High-quality fiber – perfect for top layer

Thanks to ANDRITZ new 3-loop deinking plant, lower-cost recycled fiber has been substituted for costly virgin fiber.

Corelex Shin Ei - 3D graph Tissue machines
Identical COMPACT twins? HAI!

“Hai” is Japanese for the English word “Yes!” Corelex Shin-Ei recently started up two identical ANDRITZ tissue machines at its greenfield mill near Mount Fuji. The machines are “Robust. Efficient. Environmentally friendly. Easy-to-use.”