Reinventing to get more from less - LimeWhite-H white liquor disc filter

The pulp making process hasn’t inherently changed over the years; however, ANDRITZ has had a lot of success with reinventing processes and technology in and around mills to increase capacity, improve quality, and cut operating costs. The LimeWhite-H White Liquor Disc Filter is another game-changing development.

“Pulp mills are getting bigger and bigger,” says Henrik Grönqvist, Sales Director & Manager, ANDRITZ. “At the same time as being a major supplier of large technologies for these mills, ANDRITZ has also been innovating in and around the mills to improve processes and introduce some radical new technologies.”

The new disc filter has much more capacity at the same time as lower operating costs, and a smaller footprint.


One of the latest developments from ANDRITZ is its new LimeWhite-H, which is a completely remodeled version of the existing LimeWhite filter. The new filter has major benefits including lower investment cost, increased capacity, and a smaller footprint.

The LimeWhite-H includes some important new technical advances including center shaft axial movement, a hollow shaft, a fixed scraper, and a higher vat level.



  • Capacity range single unit: 2,600 m3/d – 32,300 m3/d WL
  • Increased surface loading up to 30%
  • High efficiency cloth wash technology
  • Minimized footprint
  • Utilities consumptions unchanged despite increased WL production m3/d
  • Designed for 24 months shutdown periods


The first installation of a LimeWhite-H filter took place at Metsä Fibre’s Äänekoski bioproduct mill in Finland, ready for its start-up in 2017.


“We are utilizing best available technologies in our production to ensure the highest levels of energy, material and environmental efficiency. This also supports the mill’s cost and production efficiency.”


Vice President
Äänekoski bioproduct mill

Ismo Tapalinen, Metsä Fibre’s Development Manager, says, “The main advantage of the new LimeWhite-H installed at Äänekoski is that the scraper no longer moves, which has eliminated the problem of the disc coat breaking. This has resulted in much more uptime due to reduced maintenance.

“Also, we are delighted with the capacity increase, which has gone beyond what we expected. The liquor level in the filter vat is now 20 cm higher compared to the previous filter, which has made our lives easier – we can keep the breaks to a minimum, easily maintain the unit, and then run at full speed as the white liquor tank quickly fills.”

Teemu Häkkinen, Project Manager, ANDRITZ Pulp & Paper says, “The Lime-White-H filter is a completely new design. Together with our customers we have looked at the possibilities to improve the filter, particularly when it comes to efficient operation as well as increased capacity. We have also worked on having a smaller footprint of the filter that gives flexibility in regard to mill layout in order to meet our customers’ expectations and demands.

“In the case of Äänekoski, it was not simply supplying larger hardware for increased capacity; it was much more about the design of the technology. With the LimeWhite-H filter we have definitely achieved that aim.”

Grönqvist concludes, “When compared to the previous model, the new disc filter has much more capacity at the same time as lower operating costs, and has a smaller footprint. Normally to increase capacity a larger footprint is required, but in the case of the LimeWhite-H White Liquor Disc Filter, we have proved that more can be achieved with less. And that means more capacity and more efficiency, all with a smaller footprint, less steel in construction and, of course, less capital outlay.”