A day in the life of Franz Harrer

Workplace: ANDRITZ Headquarters, Austria
Position: Director Steel Yankee and Technology Tissue

Franz Harrer is the director of the ANDRITZ Steel Yankee and Technology Tissue team. He joined ANDRITZ about 13 years ago as a design engineer for tissue and paper machines providing a product development focus early on. He played a major role in various machine rebuilds and experienced how tissue and paper machines with the first ANDRITZ steel Yankees were successfully put into operation. A real highlight was seeing the tissue machine “armada” of the Hengan Group in China, for instance, which encompassed 13 ANDRITZ tissue machines, the majority of which operated with PrimeDry Steel Yankees.

Today, Franz heads the ANDRITZ tissue technology team and is in charge of product management. He works closely together with the ANDRITZ tissue pilot plant (PrimeLineTIAC - Tissue Innovation and Application Center) team and research institutions to exchange expertise and continuously improve the product range. “To stay competitive, you have to listen to your customers, and you have to proactively innovate and explore the limits,” Franz explains.

PrimeDry Steel Yankees

With PrimeDry Steel Yankees, first-class manufacturing techniques, and applications experience based on a large number of installed dryers worldwide, ANDRITZ is able to meet any challenge.

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A day in the life of ... Harri Makkonen

Harri Makkonen took over as Arauco MAPA Project Director for ANDRITZ on October 1, 2018. In July 2019, Makkonen moved to Concepción, Chile, together with his family after accepting the demanding challenge of being ANDRITZ Project Director for Arauco’s huge MAPA project. Makkonen’s family includes his wife Susanna and his 18-year-old daughter Matilda. Both support him in every way they can, and Makkonen is delighted to have his family with him in Chile.

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