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ANDRITZ is currently supplying all the process islands for the mill, as well as being responsible for civil construction, commissioning, and start-up on an EPCC basis.

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PM2 - 1st stage cleaners behind the papermachine headbox

With Significant Environmental and Financial Returns.The Huge Benefits of an Approach System Rebuild

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Guangxi Chongzuo Lelin Forestry Development Company is part of the Lelin Group, which is headquartered in Nanning, Guangxi, China.

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when operating in the pulp and paper industry

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 Klabin´s Puma Mill - A pulp and papermaker´s dream
Klabin´s Puma Mill - A pulp and papermaker´s dream

Over the past 10 years Klabin has been working virtually non-stop to bring its Puma projects I and II to life in Paraná state, southern Brazil. With the Puma I pulp mill starting up in 2016 and Puma II phase I and phase II starting up in 2021 and mid – 2023 respectively, the company has succeeded in creating an integrated mill that virtually knows no bounds when it comes to pulp, paper, and board qualities, types, grades, and ranges.

OTORIO - Addressing industrial cybersecurity risks affecting the industry
Addressing industrial cybersecurity risks affecting the industry

ANDRITZ partners with OTORIO to safeguard production operations

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Reduce NOx emissions from recovery boilers

Often described as the “beating heart” of a pulp mill, the recovery boiler has come a long way since it was first invented nearly 100 years ago. Although recovery boilers carry out a virtually irreplaceable function at pulp mills, including the recovering inorganic chemicals, burning organic chemicals and recovering heat for generating energy, there is still work to be done when it comes to emissions - especially NOx emissions.

Renewable fuels in aviation
ANDRITZ e-fuels and advanced biofuels concepts

Transforming a pulp mill into a biorefinery for renewable fuels

Benefits of HSE Harmonized Standards for Contractors working on Pulp Projects
Benefits of HSE harmonized standards for contractors working on pulp projects

Occupational safety while working on pulp mill projects is a major topic at European Pulp Industry Sector (EPIS), an international non-profit association of market pulp producers.

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Zero waste goal for Metsä Fibre´s Kemi bioproduct mill

Metsä Fibre's new Kemi bioproduct mill is set to become a showcase in sustainability for the global industry. ANDRITZ was chosen to supply environmentally efficient technology to achieve the mill’s Zero Waste goal.

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PODCAST: Cybersecurity in pulp and paper

The pulp and paper industry has come a long way when it comes to the digitalization of technology and processes. Now the use of IIoT solutions and data management in production has become virtually the norm. However, with the benefits also come the risks, in this case, the real-world risk of cyber-attacks.

MG TEC SRL / Established in 2018 in Dej, Romania
A greenfield mill: a clean sheet for energy minimization

Significantly less energy and top quality: the brief for two new PrimeLine tissue machines in Romania perfectly matched ANDRITZ’s strengths.

Tissue: an update from ANDRITZ

There is increasing pressure for tissue producers to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption. ANDRITZ has been busy developing solutions which are innovative, efficient, and minimize the consumption of resources – without compromising on product quality.

Remove - Recycle - Repeat

ANDRITZ has become the market leader in systems for the removal of chlorides and potassium from the kraft recovery cycle, components which often reduce recovery boiler efficiency in terms of fouling or corrosion. Pulp giant Suzano recently started up an Ash ReCrystallization (ARC) chloride removal plant at its Aracruz unit in Brazil.

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PODCAST: Circular Economy at Paper Mills:

How can circularity be applied to paper machine clothing?

Complete fiberline with cooking, washing, and bleaching systems.
Ten years on: Eldorado continues to run … faster and faster

On its 10th anniversary of start-up last year, the mill was recorded as having produced a total of 11 years of production – a full year of additional pulp!

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PODCAST: Carbon Capture

What opportunities are there for capturing and utilizing CO₂ at pulp and paper mills?

Reduce carbon footprint in pulp mills

Biomass Gasification for Lime Kilns — Going fossil fuel free is an urgent sustainability topic that has become even more critical due to the current global energy crisis. It is clear we must reduce our dependence on fossil fuel.

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New Podcast about Klabin’s Puma Mill available now!

Is this the very best showcase of sustainability at an integrated pulp and paper mill?

20201211_135021_After ADuro C 3
Circular economy for forming fabrics started

Reutlingen, Germany, September 2022. Conservation of resources, reduction of energy consumption, CO₂ reduction, closed-loop circular economy - these are all firmly established cornerstones of ANDRITZ's sustainability strategy.

Primed to deliver

Paper and Board complete line supplier

High consistency refining 1
Less fiber, higher quality

In 2020, ANDRITZ launched specialized HC refining technology for tissue production in China to tackle the challenges of surging pulp costs as well as to meet the demands of tissue producers looking for differentiation. Due to its remarkable success in operation, the technology was then steadily introduced to other Asian countries from 2022. The following interview gives a complete overview of HC refining technology.

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How is an effective and proactive safety culture established during major projects at industrial plants?
Perlen Papier Foto Chris Rausch 010
(S)teamwork at Perlen Papier AG

Perlen Papier is Switzerland’s only producer of newsprint and magazine paper. The company runs a two-machine mill that features one of the largest, fastest and most modern newsprint machines in Europe. The mill is highly focused, making only publication papers and produces 360,000 t/a of newsprint and 200,000 t/a of LWC magazine papers.

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Podcast: Tissue production – make it safe

There has been a constant increase and improvement in the performance of tissue machines and processes over recent times. Of utmost importance, safety measures have also had to keep up with these advancements in production.

Technological Audit unlocks nice surprises

At their mill in Spokane, Washington, USA, the team at Inland Empire had been struggling with unpredictable pulp quality, and that was holding back their paper production. Having tried everything else they could think of, they asked ANDRITZ to carry out a Technological Audit on the mechanical pulping line. The results surprised them – in the best possible way.

Minimum downtime and maximum efficiency

PrimeService for air and energy systems for paper machines

Electric storm

As tissue mills seek to optimize their energy consumption for optimum sustainability, ANDRITZ’ introduction of a hood air system based on electrical heating is very timely

Lime mud drying just got easier!

Simple and smart – In further efforts towards maximizing efficiencies of white liquor plants, ANDRITZ has developed LimeDry-H™.

03_ANDRITZ_PrimePress XT Evo cantilevered
Tissue production – make it safe!

Avoiding accidents and unplanned downtime through the highest safety standards is one of the foundations of today’s high-speed tissue production. The industry’s safety measures and concepts already went hand in hand with the constant increase of machine performance and capacities.

Keeping it Safe: Machine Learning in Water Leakage Detection

In the search for maximal safety in recovery boiler operation, ANDRITZ has developed its state-of-the-art Metris Water Leakage Advisor (WLA) to reduce the risk of explosions in the furnace of the boiler. Smurfit Kappa Nettingsdorf in Austria is the first mill to receive delivery of the WLA and has been instrumental in the co-development of the new solution.

Above and Beyond

Meeting Smurfit Kappa’s Environmental and Sustainability Goals! Packaging giant Smurfit Kappa is extremely cautious and demanding when it comes to making sure sustainability goals are met in its operations, often going above and beyond when it comes to meeting environmental regulations. The company recently embarked on its biggest investment program ever – the Future Energy Project – at its Nettingsdorf mill in Austria. ANDRITZ was chosen to supply key technology in order to achieve its sustainability ambitions.

Suzano’s Fluff Pulp Endeavor: Serious challenge - Great result!

Brazilian pulp giant Suzano is not only the world’s largest producer of eucalyptus pulp, it is also a dynamic innovator, intent on taking advantage of the new wave of environmentally sound products that are possible from eucalyptus-based hardwood pulp. ANDRITZ and Suzano teamed up on an ambitious project to convert an existing paper machine to make fluff pulp.

Prime cleaning performance in a single unit

The new PrimeClean TO is the latest innovation in cleaners from ANDRITZ. The “TO” designation comes from the fact that it combines two cleaning stages in one unit (two-in-one). Thanks to its innovative reject chamber design, the PrimeClean TO is ideal for removing sand and small particle debris from approach flow stock and recycled fiber processing lines at higher feed consistencies. The first systems have been sold and start-up is planned for early next year.

Digital evolution across the recovery island

We are in the middle of a massive digital transformation in all areas of our lives – at home, at work, even in our cars – as digitalization fully enters our lives. The pulp industry has by no means been ignored, and now there are already promising results being seen at pulp mills as the latest in Metris Digital Solutions from ANDRITZ bring major advantages to process islands.

Sofidel-Kisa_copyright Sofidel-cmyk
A new Energy Source. A new Challenge.

ANDRITZ Novimpianti is working with Sofidel on a groundbreaking solution to cut fossil fuel out of the tissue drying equation.

ANDRITZ A-ConApex at Altri‘s Celbi Mill

Making every fiber count- Altri’s Celbi mill is a classic example of the concept of the circular bioeconomy in action.

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Textile Recycling: Two ambitious companies are blazing a trail into this new sector

PODCAST: So what is it like on the front line?

Landscape Savonlinna
Savonlinna refiner test bench

A powerful service for all refiners

Website-Teaser_Podcast-10-Textile Recycling
Textile recycling is becoming all the rage, but what is it exactly?

PODCAST: What are the challenges in this exciting sector?
ANDRITZ Lamella Evaporators

ANDRITZ lamella evaporation plants have proven to be so successful among pulp producing customers that major expansion in manufacturing has occurred three times over the last decade to keep up with the increased orders. The latest addition to lamella manufacturing will see a brand-new state-of-the art facility starting-up in China in the summer of 2022.

SPECTRUM 43 - Read the whole magazine!

We created SPECTRUM to highlight the success of our customers and discuss the main issues facing the pulp, paper and power industry today.

How does digitalization increase sustainability?

Podcast: Digitalization, when applied to refiners at pulp and paper mills, can go a long way to increasing sustainability by dramatically increasing the lifetime of equipment at the same time as maximizing efficiencies.


A Hidden Gem in the Fiberline

Harmonizing health & safety standards across Europe

Podcast: Health & Safety management is at new levels across industries in Europe, and rightfully so. In this podcast we discuss how health & safety aspects in the pulp and paper industry in Europe could benefit from a more harmonized approach.

Predicting the Future

Metsä Fibre’s Äänekoski bioproduct mill in Finland is predicting the future utilizing the latest digital technology from ANDRITZ for its white liquor plant.

Albrecht Miletzky joins ANDRITZ

ANDRITZ has appointed Albrecht Miletzky, a paper engineer and production manager with many years of experience at one of the leading European paper and board producers, for containerboard among other things, as Head of Technology for Paper and Board.

Maximum availability in the drying line

Podcast: Pulp mills are getting bigger, faster and more efficient. Today a full-size drying line can handle a web width of over 10 meters. ANDRITZ drying lines have come a long way in a short space of time to keep up with the fast evolution taking place in pulp mills.

Stora Enso Oulu-110
Automatic Tail Threading

KEEPING SKILLED PERSONNEL SAFE! It is a credit to the skills of pulp makers across the globe that there are not more accidents reported when carrying out tail threading in the drying process. ANDRITZ has created a full range of solutions for automated tail threading from the wet end to the cutter to avoid exposure to moving parts.

Health & Safety: Local Safety Challenges Demand Tailored Communication Skills

Over the years, ANDRITZ Chile has provided equipment maintenance, repair, and installation services to customers in the pulp and paper industry through its pulp service division. In the course of our work, we have learned that each safety situation and location demand a unique approach when it comes to the most effective channels of communication.

CircleToZero: Working Together on Sustainable Targets

Interview with Naveen Chenna, Head of Business and Technology Development, ANDRITZ

Textile-to-Textile: The new opportunity

Consumer demand and textile industry targets are driving the circularity agenda, but it is technology that will actually make it happen.

01_Essity_Strohzellstoff-Fabrik_Geiger_2021 (1)
A tissue breakthrough using annual sustainable fiber: Essity’s circular innovation.

Essity’s mission to produce more-from-less drives an effort to integrate more “circularity” into its business: from responsible raw material sourcing to more efficient production with a smaller climate footprint. The latest example is its innovative project to convert agricultural residue into bleached pulp and utilize it in high-quality tissue products. ANDRITZ is a technology partner in making this happen.

Improving Safety in the Recovery Boiler – ANDRITZ Smelt Spout Cleaning Systems

ANDRITZ Smelt Spout Cleaning Systems are proving to be something of a hit with recovery boiler operators world-wide, with several successful installations and more than 20 new systems on order. Nevertheless, the work never stops in developing the robotic systems further; ANDRITZ experts have devised a number of new features that help to provide an even safer working environment, as well as new intelligent tools for managing efficiency in a recovery boiler.

Thai Tiger: BJC Cellox aiming to be #1 in tissue

Thai tissue producer BJC Cellox needed a new tissue line to take advantage of growing demand for its high-quality products. ANDRITZ was chosen to supply a complete turnkey line including a PrimeLineCOMPACT tissue machine.

Logyard with crane_0007
ANDRITZ to supply Logyard Crane Simulator to Metsä Fibre

ANDRITZ Wood Processing has received an order from Metsä Fibre bioproduct mill project in Kemi, Finland to supply the world first ANDRITZ SIM600 Logyard Crane Simulator.

Sensing wear level to increase plant uptime

The Metris DryQ Sensing Sealing Lip is able to determine its own wear status and thus fosters the ability to provide predictive maintenance to plant operations.

Technologies to reduce carbon emissions in tissue production

Even though pulp and paper mills are energy-intensive, our industry is one of least CO₂-intensive due to the wide use of bio-based and renewable fuels. The tissue and towel sector, however, emits more carbon per tonne of paper than most other paper grades, primarily due to purchased electricity from fossil-fuel sources. ANDRITZ is contributing in many ways to reduce the carbon footprint for tissue production through its “CircleToZero” initiative.

Yankee – Tjiwi Kimia mill
Yankee service – remote support is now a reality

ANDRITZ accepted the challenge to offer online support for the replacing of the siphon system of Tjiwi Kimia’s Yankee in Indonesia. Because of travel restrictions due to COVID-19, Yankee service experts had to provide remote support from Austria. Nevertheless, distance was no obstacle to the project‘s success.

ANDRITZ CenterScrew
ANDRITZ to supply CenterScrew slewing screw reclaimers to Hokuriku Nanao Ohta Thermal Power Plant Japan

ANDRITZ has received an order from IHI Transport Machinery Co., Ltd. to deliver CenterScrew slewing screw reclaimers to Hokuriku Electric Power Company for their pellet plant at Nanao Ohta Thermal Power Plant, Japan. The start-up of the entire plant is planned for Q1 2025.

Quench stage
Tailor-made solution for emission reductions

Going fossil-fuel free can throw up unexpected challenges. After changing the fuel used from natural gas to fossil-free gas, an ANDRITZ Customer wanted to continue improving its environmental footprint by reducing dust emissions. ANDRITZ successfully delivered a tailor-made solution installed into a tight space at a pulp mill in Finland.

Papeleira Coreboard
An Important Step to Further Boost our Performance

Even when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its most serious in Portugal, Papeleira Coreboard – utilizing remote assistance from ANDRITZ – still managed to start up its new, state-of-the-art LC pulping system.

Lime kiln with LimeFlash-H system at night
A boost for the lime kiln - LimeFlash-H

Increasing capacity of the lime kiln is time consuming and costly as it usually involves the lengthening of the existing kiln shell, or even a replacement with a larger diameter. ANDRITZ experts have approached the challenge from a completely different angle, and now a capacity increase of up to 40% can be achieved at much lower costs.

 Key components of a PrimeLineTAD tissue machine
PrimeLineTAD - Highest Quality at lowest possible Energy Input

ANDRITZ experts give a complete overview of its PrimeLineTAD (Through Air Drying) technoloy for the production of premium tissue products: Joseph Guadagno: Vice President Tissue and Air Systems, North America Stefano Marenco: Director PrimeLineTIAC and R&D Tissue Paul Richards: Senior Technology Manager Tissue

ANDRITZ innovative VIB spray technology
Did you know that ...

ANDRITZ can boost your equipment value with innovative VIB spray technology and steam-profiling solutions?

The latest advancement in LC refiners: TwinFlo Prime makes its debut

ANDRITZ engineers are continually seeking ways to make products better – through design, manufacturing methods, and/or materials of construction. The introduction of the TwinFlo Prime refiner illustrates this point.

Suzano optimizes the evaporation process in partnership with ANDRITZ

Suzano’s pulp mill in São Paulo has generated significant savings in the plant’s evaporation process by using the Metris UX technology from ANDRITZ for the digital transformation of its processes.

ANDRITZ’s lamella evaporation technology
Did you know that ...

for kraft and mechanical pulping, ANDRITZ offers complete systems for treating liquid streams and processing the condensates for optimal reuse, while minimizing energy consumption?

High-speed converting lines for the production of face masks and respiratory masks

ANDRITZ Diatec, part of the ANDRITZ Group, has developed fully automatic, high-speed face mask converting lines for the production of disposable face masks for surgical/medical applications. The new lines will also produce high-quality respiratory masks, such as duckbill and flat fold respirators.

Streamlining Health & Safety Observations and Reporting

We at ANDRITZ are constantly looking at ways to improve performance and generate a proactive culture when it comes to Health and Safety issues, which is why we are rolling out world-renowned Quentic solutions and software tools for safety observation reporting at our projects and factories.

Development Deal for Commercializing Textile Fiber Regeneration Technology

Cooperation agreement signed to develop the process and equipment solutions,.

Did you know that ...

ANDRITZ offers the complete portfolio for exhaust gas cleaning in the maritime industry?

ANDRITZ acquires Enviroburners

ANDRITZ has acquired the Finnish company Enviroburners Oy, which designs and manufactures advanced industrial burner solutions for energy production and environmental protection.

Did you know that ...

ANDRITZ recycling recently developed the new ADuro S shredder to prepare refuse-derived fuels?

Groundbreaking of ANDRITZ Kunshan Plant Expansion Project

The groundbreaking ceremony of the expansion project of the ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls plant in Kunshan, China, took place on November 20, 2020.

Makerthon – fast-tracking ideas into solutions

To create a practical solution, a prototype has to be actually made before it can be tested, developed, and evolved. Only then can it be proven to have potential for future applications.

Acquisition of KEMPULP enhances ANDRITZ’s chemical pulping portfolio

In summer 2019, ANDRITZ acquired the Swedish company KEMPULP, a specialist in providing technologies and services for key chemical pulping processes such as washing, oxygen delignification, and bleaching. This acquisition enhances and expands the solutions ANDRITZ offers to pulp producers.

FlowScanner multifunctional device for optimizing pulp process performance

The FlowScanner is a unique device that combines a moisture meter, a weightometer, and a foreign object detector all inside one machine using advanced Dual X-ray technology.

Did you know that ...

ANDRITZ technologies achieve production record at Eldorado Brasil?

Did you know that ... Mondi

… ANDRITZ and MONDI met to discuss major technology trends for the pulp and paper industry?

Did you know that ...

ANDRITZ Brasil again won ABTCP “Best of the pulp & paper industry” awards?

ANDRITZ and OTORIO provide world-class cybersecurity solutions

Understanding that safe digitalization requires a holistic end-to-end approach beginning at the development phase and reaching into the ongoing operations, ANDRITZ and OTORIO, a company founded by former Israeli Defense Forces cyber experts with decades of nation-state experience, have developed an extensive cybersecurity program ranging from advanced assessments and consulting services to the implementation of proven, cybersecurity and risk management technologies.

New PrimeLineTEX tissue machine for textured tissue

ANDRITZ has officially launched its new tissue machine for textured tissue, the “PrimeLineTEX”, enabling customers to produce textured tissue of a quality superior to dry crepe and very closeto structured (TAD) tissue, while at the same time achieving significant cost savings.

ANDRITZ delivers first SeaSOxdry exhaust gas desulphurization system to La Méridionale in France

Due to the lower sulphur limit that will enter into force for worldwide shipping in 2020, more and more shipping companies are fitting their vessels with exhaust gas scrubbing plants. ANDRITZ has adapted its proven flue gas scrubbing technology from the power plant segment for use in the maritime sector and is offering it under the name of ANDRITZ SeaSOx. ANDRITZ offers wet and dry exhaust gas scrubbers for shipping in open and closed-loop designs or a combination of the two (hybrid variant) depending on customer needs.

Did you know that ...

ANDRITZ pulp drying line at ALTRI Celbi achieved once again groundbreaking production world record?

Did you know that ...

ANDRITZ set up an online spare parts catalogue for pulp mills?

Did you know that ...

… ANDRITZ can do comparative disc filter tests at your mill

Fiberline Services Customer Seminar in Brazil

The end of August saw the first Fiberline Customer Seminar hosted by ANDRITZ Brazil at the Majestic Hotel in Florianopolis. The seminar provided a platform for ANDRITZ and its customers to share and receive information on on various aspects of fiberline technology. Attended by over 70 customers from mills and production units across South America, the two days included lectures about operation and maintenance of equipment, process and design improvements, optimization, and energy savings, and provided an opportunity to bring customers up-to-date on fundamental best practices for all professionals to be successful in their fields. The seminar proved extremely useful to both customers and ANDRITZ alike. Dalton Manzi Junior from Lwarcel Celulose found the technical seminars very worthwhile, saying, “They showed what ANDRITZ is developing, what the customer is expecting and, most importantly, allowed exchange of information and experiences among the participants. This combination created a perfect environment for the development of new concepts.” Along with the presentations, customers had the opportunity to attend round table and open forum discussions.

ABTCP 2018 award
Two Top Awards for ANDRITZ at ABTCP

The awards ceremony of the Associação Brasileira Técnica de Celulose e Papel (ABTCP) is recognized in the South American pulp and paper industry as one of the most important events of the year. The awards have three phases: assignment – which includes case studies, public voting to classify the three finalists, and analysis of the case studies by a Technical Committee. This year, ANDRITZ entered the competition with Fibria´s Três Lagoas second pulp production line project, Horizonte 2 (see complete story in SPECTRUM issue 37). This project has been recognized as a world-class reference for ANDRITZ due to the excellent technology, outstanding performance in managing large projects – 25 months from signing to start-up, and high customer satisfaction.

Did you know that ...

… ANDRITZ acquired DIATEC, Italy? ANDRITZ has acquired a 70% stake in Diatec S.R.L., a leading manufacturer of converting machines for the hygiene and food packaging industries based in Collecorvino, Italy.

Did you know that ...

... Japanese energy market counts on ANDRITZ biomass boilers?

Did you know that ...

… ANDRITZ gasification plants are using woody biomass as fuel?

Yankee Poels ANDRITZ 02
Breaking World Records

With our patented technologies, we are once again breaking world records and pushing steel construction to a new level.

PrimeLineTIAC Tissue Innovation and Application Center in Graz, Austria

ANDRITZ launches the world’s most modern research center for tissue

Multiannual research cooperation

ANDRITZ and Aalto University bring a new bioproduct to the global market

ANDRITZ drying line at Celbi, Portugal

New drying production world record

Did you know that ...

... ANDRITZ offers a fully integrated automation solution for bale finishing?

Did you know that ...

... ANDRITZ is a high-quality roll supplier and has extensive roll service expertise?

Did you know that ...

…. ANDRITZ acquired Novimpianti, Italy?

PrimeReel Centerdrive Hybrid - A unique reeling system

The PrimeReel Centerdrive Hybrid from ANDRITZ turns a standard reel into a centerwind reel with absolute ease.

ANDRITZ opens remote online customer support center in Kotka

A new control room fitted out with the very latest in digital and IoT technology has opened in Kotka, Finland and is already making an impression across the pulp and paper world.

Metsä Group wins - PPI award

All finalists of the category Pulp & Paper Industrial internet of Things had submitted outstanding projects.

ANDRITZ successfully starts up rebuilt paper machine for Heinzel Group in Laakirchen, Austria

International technology Group ANDRITZ has successfully started up the rebuilt PM10 at Laakirchen paper mill for the Heinzel Group, Austria.

Did you know that ...

… ANDRITZ offers customized solutions for solving vibration issues on machines, regardless of the OEM or type of machine?

Did you know that ...

... ANDRITZ operates a fully equipped stock preparation pilot plant at its headquarters in Graz, Austria?

Did you know that ...

… ANDRITZ just celebrated its 10-year anniversary of screen basket production in China?

Franssons recycling machines - Now part of ANDRITZ portfolio.

The technology and intellectual property assets of a Swedish pioneer in shredding

and recycling machinery – Franssons Recycling Machines AB – have been acquired


Metris Basissujet

Industrial IoT Solutions


made of steel


ANDRITZ has signed a contract for the acquisition of Paperchine, Inc., owned by AstenJohnson Holdings Ltd.



Did you know that ...

… ANDRITZ uses Cloud Engineering to help customers fully collaborate on modernization and upgrade projects?

Did you know that ...

… Brazilian pulp producer Fibria and ANDRITZ co-authored a presentation to the 8th International Colloquium on Eucalyptus Pulp in Chile about the results of their millscale polysulfide cooking trials?

Did you know that ...

… a WePack PRIME forming fabric ran a record 273 days on a linerboard machine for Bio-PAPPEL?