ANDRITZ and Aalto University bring a new bioproduct to the global market

Aalto University and ANDRITZ Oy have agreed on cooperation to commercialize AaltoCell™ technology for the global market. AaltoCell™, developed under the lead of Professor Olli Dahl, allows high capacity production of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) in pulp mills instead of small production units, using significantly less quantities of chemicals than before.

MCC is nearly 100% cellulose and is easily digestible for ruminants – livestock including cattle, sheep, and goats – and offers a good source of energy. According to Professor Dahl, its most promising volume markets can be found in the animal feed industry.



In addition to commercialization, the agreement includes multiannual research cooperation that aims to develop new bioproducts with high processing value using MCC produced with the AaltoCell™ technology. So far, high production costs have restricted the use of MCC but, in the future, new applications may be found in several fields of industry.

“ANDRITZ’s equipment and process portfolio offers good opportunities for new bioproducts, and the cooperation with Aalto University is a signifi cant step towards creating new, innovative bioproducts,” says Kari Tuominen, President and CEO of ANDRITZ Oy.

“Materials and sustainable use of natural resources are one of Aalto University's key areas in research, where the bioeconomy plays a central role. This is an area where we want to be world leaders in teaching, research, and creating innovations, and we are very pleased with the agreement signed with ANDRITZ Oy,” says Ilkka Niemelä, President of Aalto University