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Sun Paper’s Honghe mill, based in Shandong Province, China, needed a tailor-made handling system to process rejects from two OCC production lines feeding its PM 31 and PM 32 paper machines. ANDRITZ successfully delivered one system in 2016 which has been quickly followed by a second.

From left to right: Zhu Zhipeng, ANDRITZ Pulping, Fiber and Recycling Division; Lilian Zou, Pulping Manager, Sun Paper; Guoling Fu, Production Director, Sun Paper; Chen Fang, Sales & Marketing Director, ANDRITZ Pulping, Fiber and Recycling Division; Li Feilong, Senior Project Manager, ANDRITZ Pulping, Fiber and Recycling Division


Sun Paper is one of those hugely successful Chinese pulp and paper enterprises that has seemingly risen from nowhere to become a giant. Founder and president of the company, Li Hongxin, started selling paper from the back of a motorbike in 1982 and now heads a company that is in the Top 50 of the world’s largest pulp and paper companies. And Sun Paper prides itself in only installing the very best when it comes to technology across its mills and plants.

Guangdong Ying, Vice President and Chief Engineer at Sun Paper, says, “At Sun Paper, we always like to do something new, something better and, of course, something our competitors are not doing.

“We took a trip to Europe to have a look at ANDRITZ reject line references and were very impressed - ANDRITZ is the obvious leader in this field.”


In June 2014, Sun Paper ordered a reject line from ANDRITZ that would process 200 tons of light rejects per day from both pulping lines on PMs 31 and 32. The line started up in the summer of 2016.

The pulping system for PM 32 was also delivered by ANDRITZ at the same time, which helped when it came to installation. The reject line was later upgraded to include a heavy-duty ANDRITZ Franssons Shredder FRX2000, which was installed in June 2017 Chen Fang, Sales & Marketing Director, ANDRITZ Pulping, Fiber and Recycling Division, says, “The reject line from ANDRITZ is pretty much perfect for what Sun Paper needed for the waste-to-value process and, of course, avoiding any landfill use. The reject system basically sorts and converts the mill waste rejects either into something that can be sold – for example, metals – or into waste that can be burnt in the boiler, therefore creating energy.”

The scope of supply at Sun Paper included coarse and fine shredding systems, a ballistic separator, reject compactors, sand separators, as well as coarse and fi ne metal separators including ferrous and non-ferrous metal separation.



 “The ANDRITZ reject line can pretty much separate out anything that comes down the conveyor from the pulpers,” says Guoling Fu, Production Director, Sun Paper. “The line at Sun Paper can dewater, fractionate, shred, and separate  waste paper contaminants such as plastic films, textile scraps, tying wires, and pulper rags.

“Ultimately, this means that we can separate the impurities either for burning in the boiler or selling for scrap as in the case of metals. Most importantly for us, it means nothing goes to landfill.”

Needless to say, Sun Paper is very happy with the new reject line and has ordered a second one, which will be starting up later this year.

Ying concludes, “We only have one Earth; it’s our common home and we must keep it clean!”


”At Sun Paper, we always like to do something new, something better.”

Vice President and Chief Engineer, Sun Paper


  • One Coarse Ferrous Metal Separator ReMet1500BE
  • One Ballistic Separator ReBal40
  • Two Reject Compactors ReCo70C
  • One Coarse Shredder, Rotary Shear UC1300
  • One Fine Ferrous Metal Separator ReMet1200BP
  • One Non-Ferrous Metal Separator ReMet1500EC
  • One Reject Compactor ReCo70F
  • Two Sand Separators ReSed340F-16
  • One ANDRITZ Franssons Universal Shredder FRX2000

ANDRITZ Franssons Shredder FRX2000

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