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A day in the life of Fredrik Rosén

Workplace: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Profession: Market Strategy & Business Development
Bioeconomy Division

A day in the life of Fredrik Rosén

With a background in both physics and business administration, Rosén works for RISE in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. RISE is a research and development institute with a dedicated Bioeconomy Division focused on pioneering developments for the forest products industry.

Rosén is married to Linda and has three children aged 12, 7 and 2, and lives outside of the city. The family spends its spare time at their country cottage and on a motorboat on Stockholm’s archipelago. A man of many talents, Rosén is also something of a carpenter and enjoys having at least one renovation project on the go at his country cottage in the countryside outside of Stockholm.

The Bioeconomy Division at RISE focuses on optimizing the traditional products and processes in the forest products industry at the same time as looking forward to new and innovative possibilities in the future. The institute’s scientists and researchers look into potential new areas across the board of the industry; from making carbon fiber out of lignin, to developing new products using nanocellulose, as well as working on ways to reduce energy use across all processes and adding new features to existing paper products.

RISE gave permission to the SPECTRUM editorial team to share a DAY IN THE LIFE of Fredrik Rosén in February 2018.