Development Deal for Commercializing Textile Fiber Regeneration Technology

International technology group ANDRITZ and biotechnology group Infinited Fiber Company have signed a cooperation agreement to develop the process and equipment solutions for Infinited Fiber Company’s textile fiber regeneration technology.

The technology can turn any cellulose-rich raw material, including discarded textiles, used cardboard or rice or wheat straw, into cellulose carbamate fibers – unique, high-quality textile fibers with the look and feel of cotton. ANDRITZ is the process equipment supplier for the technology. The two companies have worked together to carry out trials since the end of 2019. 

Under the newly signed cooperation agreement, which came into effect on 13.11.2020, the two companies will work together to develop the factory process and equipment solutions, aiming to perfect every step in preparation for the technology to be scaled up to commercial scale production. Infinited Fiber Company currently operates two pilot facilities in Finland. The operations have a nominal combined capacity of 150 metric tons/annum. Under the new agreement, ANDRITZ and Infinited Fiber Company will spend the next six months collaborating on the development, testing and validation of the process and equipment solutions, with ANDRITZ providing equipment for both the mechanical and chemical pre-treatment processes as well as for the carbamation process. This will be followed by factory deliveries, with Infinited Fiber Company expecting to secure a commercial deal or deals during 2021. 


“ANDRITZ’s equipment and process portfolio offers good opportunities for fiber production technology, and the cooperation with Infinited Fiber Company is a significant step towards creating a new type of textile fiber. Textile waste recirculation is becoming mandatory in the EU in 2025 and we want to be involved in developing new bio-based fibers from textile waste and also from other pulp-based materials,” says Kari Tuominen, President and CEO of ANDRITZ Oy.

“ANDRITZ is a leading factory equipment supplier, and we are delighted to be working with them to prepare our textile fiber regeneration technology for commercialization,” says Infinited Fiber Company Cofounder and CEO Petri Alava. “Bringing to market a new technology, a new fiber type, and even a new way of operating in accordance with circular economy principals requires the creation of a strong ecosystem of experts working towards common goals. We are proud that ANDRITZ is a key member of this ecosystem.”

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