Breaking World Records

With our patented technologies, we are once again breaking world records and pushing steel construction to a new level. The high-precision MG (machine glazed) steel cylinder with a diameter of 24 feet (7.315 m) and a weight of 196 tons had a long journey from our workshop in Hungary to Pöls, Austria. In order to be able to transport the gigantic cylinder, it had to be manufactured in two halves. Maneuvering 550 kilometers of road with numerous obstacles, lane changes and about a dozen tunnels forming barriers that required precise work of exceptional accuracy – a logistical masterpiece. When the cylinder arrived on site, the two halves were assembled and welded together.

A huge crawler crane with a balancing weight of 650 tons was used to lift the gigantic cylinder into the machine hall through the roof. Again, this steel cylinder is the largest, welded,  highprecision MG cylinder in the world. It is the key component of a new PrimeLine MG paper machine for the production of specialty papers.