ANDRITZ & Novimpianti - Mutual respect

More than three decades ago, Pietro Saccomano co-founded Novimpianti, an Italian firm specializing in air systems and reducing energy consumption. Earlier this year, Novimpianti became ANDRITZ Novimpianti, part of the ANDRITZ Paper & Tissue Division. We spoke about the deal with Pietro Saccomano and Klaus Gissing, ANDRITZ Paper & Tissue.

How did the deal come about?

SACCOMANO: In the early days, we sold to paper mills in the Lucca area, but over time, the market became more global, and so did we. On one side, we were selling to paper machine manufacturers locally and abroad. The other was direct sales to mills as rebuilds on existing paper machines, new hoods, and auxiliary equipment. Then in 2015, we decided to look around to join a machine manufacturer, because the worldwide market was difficult to handle. And that is when we met Klaus.

GISSING: I was on a business trip in Italy when we had the first discussion. We couldn’t immediately start serious discussions, because we were building our pilot facility. But it was definitely our goal.

What did Novimpianti have that ANDRITZ didn’t?

GISSING: ANDRITZ is really successful in the business of new tissue machines and we had delivered our machines and our hoods. But with all our success in selling new machines, we did not focus so much on innovation in Air & Energy systems, and Novimpianti is really strong in the area of energy saving.

SACCOMANO: We have always tried to save thermal energy, electrical energy, and operational energy, i.e., people. Manpower is energy. Also, being able to supply both paper machine manufacturers and the rebuild market gave us a great opportunity to improve the product.


“It is now ANDRITZ Novimpianti, but still with the same people. Customers know the people, not the company. There is a relationship with the people.”


Managing Director of ANDRITZ Novimpianti


“We have the same goal in mind – to create an ANDRITZ Novimpianti that can really grow and come up with innovations and new products for the future.”


Director PrimeLineTIAC and Air & Energy Systems at ANDRITZ

What will be the benefits for ANDRITZ and Novimpianti customers?

GISSING: With the acquisition of Novimpianti, we can serve all of our customers – new machine customers and existing customers with running machines – both for rebuilds and optimizations and, in the future, new innovative products, especially in energy and air systems in tissue mills.

ANDRITZ Novimpianti should help to maximize the benefits from the dry end.

Who will the existing Novimpianti customers call, now that you are part of the ANDRITZ GROUP?

SACCOMANO: It's now ANDRITZ Novimpianti, but still with the same people. Customers know the people, not the company. There is a relationship with the people.

Any hints on the innovations to come?

GISSING: One aspect is resource saving – energy as well as water. To give you a hint: we will work on heat storage, and steam generation from the exhaust.


Combining Novimpianti’s products and expertise with the experienced ANDRITZ tissue & paper team means customers have a superb range of engineered solutions for productivity, quality and sustainability

ANDRITZ and Novimpianti have become one, enabling customers to energize their mills with proven air and drying systems for innovative tissue and paper production.