CETI: Working at the cutting edge

Major research of nonwoven raw materials, applications and production models and methods are all in a day’s work for the European Center for Innovative Textiles (CETI) in France. The latest ANDRITZ state-of-the-art air-through bonding nonwoven technology is right at the heart of the center’s globally renowned research.

ANDRITZ air-through-bonding line at the CETI facilities


ANDRITZ has been a major technology partner with CETI since it was launched in 2012, supplying the latest nonwoven technologies from its own sites in France and Germany, including equipment for needlepunch, spunlace, carding, and airthrough bonding. One of the latest additions to CETI’s nonwovens production arsenal is a flat oven supplied by ANDRITZ Perfojet, Montbonnot, France. The flat oven is perfect for producing the latest trend in nonwovens – lightweight carded webs that work with bi-component technology.


“Our strength is to take an ingenious invention or idea from our clients and bring it through to prototype as fast as possible.”



The oven itself has been designed to cope with speeds much higher than normal capacity to make sure that it’s futureproof in terms of increased running speeds, it is also able to run in both directions to enable different production technologies to be inserted and applied at either end. The oven can be unplugged and moved very quickly with three people. The flat oven is also prepared for the complete monitoring of the air-through bonding process. The completed project provides CETI and its customers an R&D platform with both flat and Omega ovens for the prototyping of the fast growing trends in air-through-bonding nonwovens. This unique line covers most of the customer expectations and market needs.

“At CETI, our core business is building, working on new materials, and prototyping products that brands can have faith in. Our strength is to take an ingenious invention or idea from our clients and bring it through to prototype as fast as possible. This is where our partnership with ANDRITZ is key for us; their experts really listen to what we want, as well as share their own knowledge. They then apply our needs and their own expertise, and the results speak for themselves.


“With this new technology, we can apply all sorts of new features to nonwovens ...”

R&D Engineer and Senior Project Manager, CETI