Fiberline Services Customer Seminar in Brazil

André Guimareães, Fibria

The end of August saw the first Fiberline Customer Seminar hosted by ANDRITZ Brazil at the Majestic Hotel in Florianopolis. The seminar provided a platform for ANDRITZ and its customers to share and receive information on on various aspects of fiberline technology. Attended by over 70 customers from mills and production units across South America, the two days included lectures about operation and maintenance of equipment, process and design improvements, optimization, and energy savings, and provided an opportunity to bring customers up-to-date on fundamental best practices for all professionals to be successful in their fields. The seminar proved extremely useful to both customers and ANDRITZ alike. Dalton Manzi Junior from Lwarcel Celulose found the technical seminars very worthwhile, saying, “They showed what ANDRITZ is developing, what the customer is expecting and, most importantly, allowed exchange of information and experiences among the participants. This combination created a perfect environment for the development of new concepts.” Along with the presentations, customers had the opportunity to attend round table and open forum discussions.

These opportunities for more open discussion received great appreciation from customers. José Rinaldo Ribeiro Junior from Klabin Puma commented, “The technical seminar was important for updating knowledge with respect to the products and services offered by ANDRITZ and also for the exchange of knowledge with the various users of technology from their own experiences with problems and solutions in their own environments.” In addition to ANDRITZ professionals providing valuable information, a case study about high kappa technology was presented by André Guimareães of Fibria. Guimareães says that having the opportunity to present a case study from the mill facilitates understanding: “Bringing the technology connected to the practical application, and proving the benefits, helps a lot in the understanding when faced with potential problems.” Tomi Suikki, Vice President, ANDRITZ Fiberline Pulp and Paper Mill Services, says, “The installed base in South America is on a large scale, rather new, and represents the latest in ANDRITZ Fiberline technology. The partnerships with the mills continue to enable us as suppliers to evolve process technologies through the evaluation of the real-time results of an operational plant. Listening to our customers helps us to further develop our maintenance, field services, spare parts, upgrades, and synergy services to improve mill operations. This was a great learning experience for ANDRITZ and we are committed to continue with these types of customer events in South America.”

(Left to right) Jose Rinaldo, Klabin; Aaron Leavitt, ANDRITZ