Did you know that ...

… a WePack PRIME forming fabric ran a record 273 days on a linerboard machine for Bio-PAPPEL?

This double Fourdrinier machine (17.3 ft width and speed of 2,500 ft/min) runs on 100% recycled and produces high performance linerboard grades. The WePack PRIME GE fabric that set the record was on the top position. The sheet-side of the fabric is ideal for enhancing paper surface properties – the machine-side is made of a special low-friction material to achieve longer life.

Find more information and send your congratulations to the team at: www.andritz.com/WePack

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Back Row (l to r) Bio-PAPPEL Machine Personnel Adrian Othole, Shane Begay, Adrian Gurule, Corey Allen, Stephen Moleres, Ronnie Sarracino, ANDRITZ Formweave Product Manager Jim Melle, Asst Supt Johnny Lester, Deano Delgarito, and PM Supt Ken Baca. Front Row (l to r) Arthur Moore, Wayne Farley