FlowScanner multifunctional device for optimizing pulp process performance

The FlowScanner is a unique device that combines a moisture meter, a weightometer, and a foreign object detector all inside one machine using advanced Dual X-ray technology.

The main benefit of the device is the enabling of real-time feed-forward control of chips going into the pulp digester, resulting in increased stability, chemical savings, higher yields, and improved product quality. Foreign object detection also provides higher uptimes due to the avoidance of machine breakdowns and other disturbances in the process.


By integrating the FlowScanner data directly into the control system of the digester, the process can be adjusted on-demand to react to wood chip parameter variations. This brings more stability to the digester as well as to the whole fiberline and chemical cycle. The results are a better and more controlled end product quality, increased production, reduced fiber consumption, and chemical savings. Further savings can be achieved by increasing the uptime of the mill and reducing the costs of possible damage caused by foreign objects going into the digester parts.

Thus, the payback time of investing in FlowScanner technology can be significantly short. Numerous successful installations and satisfied customers prove FlowScanner to be a solid raw material analyzing solution and it complements ANDRITZ’s Fiberline technology offering to further benefit customers.

ANDRITZ FlowScanner – Stop guessing, start knowing!