Benefits of customized roll technology and better analytics

A closer look at the way roll covers, spreader rolls, SMART™ technology and Rezolve predictive analytics improve paper machine productivity, enhance product quality, and reduce operating costs.

In October 2018, ANDRITZ and Xerium Technologies merged to form the ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls division. This new entity combines an extensive portfolio of pulp and paper machinery with the high-quality and customizable consumable products (such as machine clothing and roll technology) developed by Xerium. Creating a product-specific custom fit between machinery and the consumable products used by that machinery can generate tremendous value in the form of improved productivity, enhanced quality, and reduced operating costs. Now, with 30 global facilities producing customized roll and machine clothing technology solutions, ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls customers can equip their new or rebuilt machines for optimal performance more easily than ever before.

The influence these consumable products can have on the entire papermaking process may be surprising. After all, roll covers and machine clothing represent only 2-3% of a customers’ cost per ton of paper or pulp produced. However, these components can have a dramatic impact on the overall performance and profitability of the machine. Some customers have realized annual gains in improved productivity and energy savings that total over 1 million USD from simply replacing conventional roll covers with custom-engineered roll covers, tailored specifically for their machine and the end-product it produces.


“Fundamentally, ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls offers its customers greater value than just the rolls or clothing technology it provides because it is now able to offer an exclusive, comprehensive, and precisely tailored solution that is custom-fit for every customer. In the process of papermaking, that level of customization can deliver remarkable benefits to the bottom line.”

President, ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls, North America


Roll covers are produced with a combination of sophisticated materials and chemical formulations that are applied in layers to a metal core. The specific performance goals and engineering parameters of a roll cover depend upon the section of the machine in which it is installed. A roll cover in a press section has very different objectives and must function in different conditions when compared to roll covers located in calenders, coaters, and size presses.

At ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls, the specific materials and chemical formulations that comprise the various layers in the roll cover can be adjusted to create a customized solution that delivers very precise performance results. For example, controlled rates of dewatering and defined end-product characteristics can be achieved, while extending the reliability and life of the cover itself.

Composite roll cover production

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Completed spreader roll in high-speed quality control station

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Composite roll cover production

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ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls also provides comprehensive roll refurbishment services that include a full range of roll-related repairs and upgrades—complete suction roll and suction box repairs and overhauls; vibration analysis; optical and laser alignment; bearing, journal, and housing inspections and repairs; and much more. In short, this means that customers can send in their used rolls that are old, damaged, corroded, or simply worn out and receive a reconditioned roll, and new customized cover, which will often perform better than the original.



As separate entities, both ANDRITZ and Xerium were industry leaders. Xerium introduced the first rubber, polyurethane, and SMART technology roll covers to the market and pioneered the development of the spreader roll industry. Today, ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls is making it easier for customers to improve their operations by delivering critical insights that help achieve new performance goals in output, quality, efficiency, and profitability. Looking forward, the research and development of enhanced rolls technology, new chemical compounds, and next generation SMART components will advance the level of real-time detail and type of actionable data available to operators, which will help customers achieve increasingly aggressive operational goals and realize next-level performance.

All metal spreader roll during spool assembly

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