ANDRITZ launches the world’s most modern research center for tissue

ANDRITZ has officially launched the PrimeLineTIAC Tissue Innovation and Application Center in Graz, Austria. The opening ceremony, attended by around 150 customers and other stakeholders from the tissue industry, was a great success. Together with the ANDRITZ experts and technical partner companies, the participants discussed the functions, designs, and features of the new PrimeLineTIAC and took a guided tour through the pilot plant. Several guest speakers also gave interesting inside views on developments in the tissue industry.

The Tissue Innovation and Application Center comprises a complete, state-of-the-art tissue production line, including laboratory facilities for tests and trials to develop new products and processes in the tissue sector. The center is available to tissue producers and suppliers, research and development companies, and universities. Thus, customers and developers can conduct tests and trials under many different conditions, for example, to optimize fibers for a specific product, improve product qualities, increase dryness, and reduce energy consumption.

The tissue production line offers utmost flexibility for the production of conventional, textured, and structured (TAD) tissue. The line currently features various configurations that are also available on the market as single-machine concepts.

The pilot plant has its own complete stock preparation line together with the approach flow system and is equipped with the Metris PrimeControl E automation hardware and software developed by ANDRITZ. The automation system provides utmost flexibility in monitoring and controlling the various machine configurations as well as the stock preparation system. Custom-tailored pump solutions convey stock suspensions with the required consistencies in all production stages.