Textile Recycling: So what is it like on the front line? Two ambitious companies are blazing a trail into this new sector

There is no doubt that when embarking on pioneering activities in recycling textiles, as discussed in the first part of our podcast, the cooperation between technology supplier and producer is essential.

ANDRITZ has partnered with two highly ambitious new companies in the business of textile recycling, the Infinited Fiber Company in Finland, and Circ in the US. 

In the second part of our podcast series on Textile Recycling, we talk to Tanja Karila, Chief Marketing Officer, the Infinited Fiber Company and Julie Willoughby, Chief Scientific Officer at Circ. We will also be joined by the experts Jorma Latva-Kokko and Hannu Ramark of ANDRITZ. 


Season 1 / Episode #11

The discussion centers around the different types of textiles being recycled by both companies, the technology being used and the exciting opportunties being presented in this burgeoning new sector.  


Tanja Karila,
Chief Marketing Officer, The Infinited Fiber Company

Julie Willoughby,
Chief Scientific Officer at Circ

Jorma Latva-Kokko,
Vice President, Mechanical Pulping, Paper, Fiber and Recycling Division, ANDRITZ

Hannu Råmark,
Vice President Technology, Fiber Technologies Division, ANDRITZ

Jorma Latva-Kokko
Hannu Ramark

If you would like to learn more about the ANDRITZ textile recycling technologies and solutions or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email:


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