Suzano - Smart bleaching = Major chemical savings at pulp mills

Suzano Imperatriz, located in Maranhão, northern Brazil, is one of the new breed of giant pulp mills. The mill has recently undergone a number of improvements including the implementation of a smart bleaching system from ANDRITZ that is making a real difference when it comes to chemical consumption.

The management at Suzano Imperatriz was already well aware of ANDRITZ’s capabilities in its supply of the very best equipment for pulp mills. So, when major improvements were required at the mill in 2018, ANDRITZ was the first port of call for improvements to its brownstock washing and Suzano invested in a DD-Washer. Prior to the installation of the DD-Washer, Imperatriz had invested in other modifications and optimization at the mill in an effort to reduce the chemical consumption in the bleaching process. After the adjustments and the installation of the DD-Washer by ANDRITZ, there was a notable improvement in efficiency at the mill.


A DD-Washer was installed in the brownstock washing between existing wash presses.


Jose Wilhelms Ventura, Industrial Executive Manager, Suzano Imperatriz says, “During the investments and improvements we made at the mill in 2018, we were looking to fine-tune our operations further and we installed a DD-Washer. This was the perfect opportunity to have a good look at the advanced Metris IIoT technology of ANDRITZ and the possibilities to reduce our chemical consumption further.

“Historically we have had high chemical consumption at the mill, but after the shutdown in 2018 and with the installation of the DD-Washer and other modifications in the digester, we managed to lower the levels. But we still believed we could go further.”


“We were aware of Sindus ANDRITZ’s growing success in the area of smart solutions for optimizing all areas of pulp mills’ performance and we called them in to see what technology could be applied to the bleaching area.”

Industrial Executive Manager,
Suzano Imperatriz

In early 2019, Metris UX experts began working with Suzano on a pilot to make the whole bleaching area of the Imperatriz mill autonomous, bringing in dynamic, standardized decision-making and quality control with an emphasis on the lowest possible chemical costs. Under the umbrella of Metris OPP, Metris UX is a platform in which local specialists work closely with mill customers to ensure all their requirements are taken into account.

ANDRITZ and Suzano team at a smart bleaching workshop


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