Fully remote commissioning of a new ANDRITZ baling line

We are taking digitalization to the next level – the Metris Performance Center at ANDRITZ supports you remotely during commissioning and start-up phases.

Facing the challenges in the increasingly flexible and complex economy of pulp drying, we have introduced Metris DryQ, our digital solution for pulp drying, which allows us to provide the necessary support to meet your needs during various phases over the entire life cycle of your plant. All aspects of Metris DryQ aim at increasing the performance, efficiency and availability of your machinery and processes whilst maintaining low resource requirements and seamless operating processes.

Especially in these times of restricted mobility, Metris Remote Assistance enables our experts to be virtually present at your location in order to directly interact and provide support when needed. With this solution, we have also been able to mitigate the impacts of the global pandemic situation by maintaining close communication and providing all the necessary expertise to our customers digitally.

Metris Performance Center in Graz, Austria.

© Clemens Humeniuk

Case study

The first fully remote commissioning of a new ANDRITZ baling line was carried out during the summer of 2020.

ANDRITZ set up a global commissioning team with experts linked via the Metris Performance Centers. With the help of a highly secure internet connection, the ANDRITZ experts from Austria, Slovakia, and Colombia were all connected to the customer site to perform remote commissioning. At the mill site, four customer operators equipped with latest augmented reality tools, contributed towards successful commissioning.

“Each and every commissioning project has its own challenges, and no matter how well prepared you are, there can always be something unexpected and challenging to deal with”

says Thomas Radauer, Head of Commissioning and Start-up, ANDRITZ Pulp Drying.

In this regard ANDRITZ can provide excellent support to customers, no matter what challenges arise. Via Metris Remote Assistance, the experts from various ANDRITZ locations are directly connected to the customer on site  in real time via secured links. Using the latest Metris Digital Solutions from ANDRITZ, such as augmented reality tools, ANDRITZ is present virtually at every location, almost as if the experts were present on site.

“Our decades’ worth of expertise is easily available to our customers. Our specialists have a deep understanding of machines, processes and automation, and with Metris Remote Assistance, we can offer the support and guidance needed without any delay”

says Helmut Senft, Director of Project Management, ANDRITZ Pulp Drying.

Remote commissioning of ANDRITZ equipment within a very short period of time is reality today – made possible by the latest Metris digital technologies and by excellent ANDRITZ quality assurance and factory testing.

Take a look at the video and find out more about the first fully remote commissioning of a new ANDRITZ baling line.

First fully remote commissioning of a new ANDRITZ baling line