Shredding waste into profit

In modern mill and wood processing plants, adding value all along the production chain has become a “must have”. ANDRITZ Universal Shredders provide a vital link in the chain by solving waste wood problems at the same time as turning them into valuable, sellable products.

A saw milling operation the size of AB Hilmer Andersson obviously creates a lot of wood waste, and the company recently embarked on looking for the very best solution to deal with it, at the same time as looking for ways to add value. This also coincided with its old solution, a small inefficient and unreliable drum shredder, breaking down completely. “When you are producing as much sawn timber as we are,” continues Nils Andersson, Production Manager and Chairman of the Board, AB Hilmer Andersson, “there is always a lot a waste wood generated due to the offcuts, rejects, or poor-quality logs that come into the site. As we are a lean production facility, we do not have the space to have piles of waste wood lying around.

“We needed a solution that could deal with all different shapes, sizes, and types of wood waste, at the same time as being fast, efficient, and reliable and, most importantly, add value so we could sell any side-stream products on. Another important feature we were looking for was one that would eliminate fire risk; we had problems with fire on numerous occasions with our old drum shredder.”


AB Hilmer Andersson already had knowledge of ANDRITZ through its recent acquisition of Franssons, a company that has a long history in the wood processing industry. After looking around at a number of other suppliers, it was decided that the very latest ANDRITZ Universal Shredder FRP would be exactly the right fit for what was needed at the sawmill.

The FRP has the very latest in innovative technology from ANDRITZ and has a very high throughput, up to 10-12 t/h, even though it is a slow-rotating shredder. The FRP shredder works using 74 knives arranged into two rows. The system will process wood waste from offcuts from the saw mill, shredding it into chips, which are finally used as biomass for heat generation.

The single-shaft shredder processes the material in one step to the granulate size of 60 mm and importantly even shreds large logs into manageable pieces.

 “The FRP is perfect for all our waste; the offcuts from the sawmill come in via a conveyor, and any other waste around the mill can be picked up by forklift truck and dropped into the shredder from above. Also, the built quality is so robust that we don’t have to worry about the odd stone or pieces of metal as the shredder is designed to cope with all sorts of different, hard, or tough materials. It also has an extremely quiet operation, even when running at full capacity.”


“The FRP is perfect for all our waste; the offcuts come in via a conveyor, and any other waste around the mill can be dropped into the shredder by forklift truck.”

Production Manager and Chairman of the Board, AB Hilmer Andersson

John Fransson, Sales & Product Manager, ANDRITZ Recycling, concludes, “ANDRITZ Recycling is a specialist in reject treatment in the pulp and paper industry, and the ANDRITZ Universal Shredder FRP is a prime example of how mills can deal with the problem of waste wood, bark, or rejected logs from all around the mill or woodyard, at the same time as finding another valuable sidestream from the production process.”

Nils Andersson, Production Manager and Chairman of the Board at AB Hilmer Andersson, and John Fransson, Sales and Product Manager, Recycling, at ANDRITZ, in front of the ANDRITZ Universal Shredder FRP