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ANDRITZ recycling machines: flexible, highly productive and reliable

ANDRITZ Recycling develops and manufactures recycling machines and turnkey solutions for the recycling of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), refrigerators, oil filters, household- and domestic waste (RDF), used tyres and much more.

The ANDRITZ Recycling machine range consists of different special aggregates, which perform their work in the complete recycling process: in the primary shredding, the secondary shredding and the fine granulation as well as the breaking up of material composites and making recyclable material accessible at the same time.

Every kind of material demands a very special treatment, for which ANDRITZ Recycling has developed optimized technologies for their effective and efficient treatment. All recycling machines are characterized by their flexibility, efficiency and reliability and process the input material to pure, valuable substances combined with a high throughput.

Universal Cross-Flow Shredder QZ

Universal Cross-flow shredder QZ

Application: Breaking-up of material composites

Examples: E-scrap, refrigerators, composites of aluminum/copper/plastics

Short description:

The Universal Cross-Flow Shredder QZ ensures a gentle and fast disintegration of material composites. Valuable and contaminated parts remain intact and can be sorted out without difficulty after just one process step.

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New design of the Bio-QZ

Universal Bio-QZ

Application: Substrate preparation

Examples: Bio waste, packed food, corn silage, sugar beets, grass cut, horse manure

Short description:

The Universal Bio-QZ prepares the input material ideally for the fermentation process in biogas plants. The total gas yield increases in comparison to input systems without pre-treatment. At the same time the packaging is separated from the organic material.

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The ANDRITZ MeWa Universal Rotary Shear UC is the first shredding step in the recycling process.

Universal Rotary Shear UC

Application: Primary shredding

Examples: Bulky waste, aluminum profiles, tires

Short description:
The Universal Rotary Shear UC reduces the volume of materials or prepares waste for incineration. Often the output material runs through further process steps, which can however only take place after the material has been pre-shredded.

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Universal Pre-Shredder FRX

Application: Pre-shredding of large quantities of waste

Examples: Commercial waste, municipal solid waste, textile/plastic bales, wood, pulper rags

Short description:

The true heavyweight Universal Shredder FRX processes large quantities of domestic, commercial, industrial and bulky waste into manageable sizes from 50 to 200 mm. The robust shredder is powerful, energy-efficient, reliable and maintenance-friendly.

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Universal Shredder FRP

Application: One-step shredding of waste

Examples: Commercial waste, municipal solid waste, textiles, plastics, wood, rejects, documents

Short description:

The Universal Shredder FRP is a powerful single-shaft shredder and shreds the material with only one step to the required size. With integrated, quick-changeable screen sections, a grain size of 10-150 mm can be achieved. The robust shredder is powerful, energy-efficient, reliable and maintenance-friendly.

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Fine Grinder HK

Application: Fine grinding

Examples: wood, paper, cardboard

Short description:

The ANDRITZ Fine Grinder HK is perfectly suited for fine grinding of challenging materials to a fraction size of 8 to 0 mm (powder). A special design feature of the HK is the integrated fan that performs two functions: assistance with the fine grinding and with transport of the material to reduce the amount of dust.

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The ANDRITZ MeWa Universal Granulator UG shreds to defined output sizes.

Universal Granulator UG

Application: Secondary shredding, granulating

Examples: Cable scrap, plastics, aluminum, e-scrap, 
tires, oil filters

Short description:
The Universal Granulator UG shreds and granulates to defined output sizes of 5-100 mm. Depending on the input material, special basic equipment is offered for an optimized output.

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The ANDRITZ MeWa Universal Cutting Mill USM is the last shredding step in the recycling process for perfect fine granulation.

Universal Cutting mill USM

Application: Fine granulating

Examples: Aluminum and copper cables, tire rubber, plastics

Short description:

The Universal Cutting Mill USM shreds and granulates to defined output sizes of 0-4 mm. The result is convincing with sharp cuts which can be regulated individually.

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Reject Equipment

Application: Modern reject equipment for deinking and industrial recycled paper grades

Examples: Wide range of rejects at various points of origin and with very different properties.

Short description:

Rejects are remarkably inhomogeneous, with a wide variety of particle sizes, densities, dry contents, etc. - this makes effective processing a challenging task. The careful design of each piece of reject equipment and the configuration of the reject system are decisive in converting the rejects into valuable sources of energy or new raw materials.

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