ANDRITZ Recycling Service technician working on a shredder

Taking service to a higher level

Skill and commitment: the backbone of excellent service.

We understand that any one of our service employees can be the face of ANDRITZ for you – and to be worthy of your trust, they must be fully committed to your success. You can depend on our knowledge and expertise to help you truly optimize your operation.

Our service is a combination of human skills backed by specialized tools. We seek out technicians for our service team who have a true desire to help; and who have the passion and commitment to keep your plant operating profitably over a long and productive lifetime.

Ralf Amend, Head of After Sales Operation, RR – Sales Office ANDRITZ MEWA

“Engineers and industrial customers are by nature skeptical, so we know we have to prove ourselves in each industry by being reliable, dependable, and cost-effective.”

Ralf Amend
Head of After Sales Operation, RR – Sales Office ANDRITZ MEWA

Your choice:

A range of service solutions to save you time and money!

From routine work to quick response during a disruption, an ANDRITZ Recycling Service specialist will offer training or recommendations, provide replacement parts, and perform the services you need to keep operations running smoothly.

Service agreements, replacement parts and consumables, repairs, upgrades, process optimization, online diagnostics, trainings

Your benefits

  • Smoother operation, fewer crises
  • Maximum production and throughput
  • Improved equipment availability and reliability
  • Reduced lifetime costs
  • Improved safety
  • Shorter shutdowns, fewer disruptions
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Well-managed spare/wear parts program
  • 24/7/365 coverage
  • Worldwide network

Keep your recycling operation up and running. And running. And running.

Our service offer aims at improving the reliability and availability of your plant equipment and extending its useful life. You save time and money by eliminating unplanned shutdowns and disturbances. Our services can be performed as needed, or on a more cost-effective contractual basis as offered in our ANDRITZ SYNERGY service agreements to keep plant availability high.


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