LimeLine lime kilns

Highly efficient and reliable lime reburning for white liquor production. ANDRITZ Pulp & Paper is a leading innovator of chemical recovery technologies to produce high-quality white liquor for pulp production.

Modern and proven ANDRITZ technologies for lime reburning include the LimeKiln with a LimeFlash dryer, a LimeCool cooler, and a LimeFire burner.  These systems are the result of many years of experience and a high level of expertise in providing energy-efficient, reliable lime reburning for the recausticizing process.

Learn more about LimeKiln by watching the video below.

LimeLine white liquor plant.

Precise calcining with energy conservation and emissions control

Producing consistently high-quality burnt lime for slaking requires not only deep knowledge of the calcining process, but also effective energy conservation and emissions control. The lime kiln is a huge consumer of energy in a pulp mill, and a large potential generator of CO2 emissions. Energy and emissions need to be adequately controlled to consistently produce high-quality lime for cooking liquors.

Well-proven lime kiln technology with integrated auxiliaries

ANDRITZ’s expertise in lime reburning has been thoroughly and successfully proven in more than 100 installations around the world. The fully automated ANDRITZ lime kiln package demonstrates low heat consumption, low emissions, and excellent availability. In addition to traditional fuels, the lime kiln can also burn 100% biofuels without the need for any fossil fuels with gasification or wood powder technologies.

LimeKiln: efficient and reliable lime reburning

  • Low fuel consumption with two-layer brick lining
  • Low emissions
  • Durable, reliable construction
  • Low NOX technology
  • Precise control of flue gas temperature
  • Fast, easy start-up
  • Easily integrated with LimeCool and LimeFire
LimeLine lime kiln at night

LimeLine lime kiln. Montes del Plata S.A., Uruguay

LimeFlash: lime mud drying

  • Increases capacity for a given kiln dimension
  • Dries mud completely before kiln feed
  • No chain section, no moving parts
  • Better flue gas temperature control

LimeCool: compact lime handling, cooling, and primary air heating

  • Minimizes any heat loss
  • Optimum cooling of lime
  • High capacity in a small space envelope
  • Internal dam
  • Design minimizes lime dust -- clean working environment
  • No burner tunnel
  • Less overhanging weight

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