ANDRITZ S2070 refiner used in mechanical pulping process

P-RC APMP process

High quality fibers at minimum energy demand

The ANDRITZ P-RC APMP (Pre-conditioning Refiner Chemical Alkaline Peroxide Mechanical Pulp) process is an advanced BCTMP technology for the production of high-quality chemi-mechanical pulps from hardwoods and annual plants. This patented, reliable and proven process achieves highest pulp quality at minimum operating cost and lowest environmental impact. It is designed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s market requirements for high quality paper and board products at maximum production efficiency.

ANDRITZ S2070 high-consistency refiner

ANDRITZ Pulp Screw Presses

P-RC APMP – a fiber source with great performance

The efficient application of alkali (NaOH) in the impregnation stage leads to a significant reduction of specific refining energy. The simultaneous addition of hydrogen peroxide produces high-brightness refined pulp. A separate post-bleaching stage is not needed.

This flexible process produces a wide range of superior pulp grades suited for the production of paper products – from LWC to printing/writing to board and tissue products.

ANDRITZ P-RC APMP systems can be applied for a broad variety of wood species ranging from low-density aspen and poplar to high-density eucalyptus and acacia. It can also be applied for annual fibers such as kenaf, bagasse, reed, and other annual crops.


Schematic drawing of the P-RC APMP process

Benefits of P-RC APMP technology

  • Low specific energy consumption
  • High efficiency – low chemical consumption
  • Low operating costs
  • High process yield
  • Superior pulp quality
    • High tensile strength at high bulk
    • Excellent optical properties – brightness, light scattering, opacity
  • Minimum COD and BOD
  • Sulfur-free process leads to improved bio-degradability of pulp mill effluent
  • Flexible operation: wide range of pulp grades with all kinds of wood and non-wood species

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