Wood receiving and conveying

Wood receiving and conveying systems

ANDRITZ offers excellent technology and equipment for receiving wood raw materials into the plant and efficient transfer of the wood during the various processing steps.

Comprehensive solutions for receiving and handling wood raw materials

Forest product companies face the challenges of improving the efficiency and productivity of their wood handling operations to reduce operating costs. A key component here is the reliable and efficient transfer of wood from the receiving station to various processing steps (debarking, chipping, etc.).

Complete systems or specific equipment – ANDRITZ has the solution

ANDRITZ offers complete solutions for receiving, storing, and conveying wood that can be custom-configured to fit the layout and requirements of a specific wood processing application.  The scope of supply can vary from complete plants to individual equipment delivery for the handling of short wood, long wood, frozen, or tropical wood.  ANDRITZ is very experienced in project management, ensuring deliveries that are on-time and on-budget, and produce excellent economic results for its customers.

Wood receiving and conveying systems

ANDRITZ offers a range of wood receiving and conveying equipment that can be tailored for various log dimensions and bundle sizes.  As a leader in the design of wood, chip, and bark processing plants for the pulp and paper, panelboard, and power industries, ANDRITZ provides complete infeed systems.

Log bundles are fed from trucks or railcars directly into the process with minimal damage to the logs. The log infeed system ensures constant infeed capacity and debarking degree with adjustable speeds.

The PowerFeed conveyor is designed for high throughput of tree-length or short logs with great operational efficiency. It dispenses with slashing operations, minimizes waste, and eliminates a throughput bottleneck. Tree-length processing improves fiber quality by eliminating shot ends and cut ends that produce poor quality chips.

Wood infeed systems available from ANDRITZ

  • PowerFeed infeed conveyors with direct feed to debarkers
  • Receiving decks with chain conveyors suitable for log bundles
  • Slasher decks with the capability to single out, butt, and cut-to-length
  • Unique stone and sand separators for receiving decks to separate impurities in dry form from the log flow, ensuring biomass material with the proper moisture content for biomass boilers
Short wood infeed

Short wood infeed



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