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VIB systems

High-precision moisture profiling

Improving the sheet‘s cross-directional moisture profile has been demonstrated as one of the most effective and economical means of saving fiber and energy and improving overall quality levels, as evidenced in our VIB products. From fine paper to paperboard, each VIB system is custom engineered to ensure the highest level of performance for your unique application of CD moisture profile control.

VIB product portfolio

VIB SteamTech

VIB SteamTech

VIB offers steam-profiling solutions for the entire machine, from the forming section to the last nip. The target application, combined with our industry-leading expertise, defines the system needed to meet the efficiency and quality targets as well as its location. The SteamTech profiler products include innovative solutions for forming and press sections as well as steam finishing for gloss, smoothness and curl.

VIB AirTech

VIB SprayTech

Paper moisturizing technology is a cost-effective means of improving quality in both on-line and off-line processes. The dual-phase nozzle for a full-cone spray pattern provides one of the smallest droplet sizes available. From fine paper to paperboard, moisture profile control to enhanced surface applications, each VIB spray system is custom-designed to ensure the highest performance level for your application.

VIB trial unit

VIB trial units

VIB SteamTech and VIB SprayTech trial units are available for your on-machine evaluation, allo­wing you to assess the technology and after data under true process conditions. Our experts will pro­vide recommendations on profile optimization strategies, engineering and installation options, efficiency and quality improvements with ener­gy savings opportunities.

VIB service

VIB service

VIB helps ensure that your investment provides guaranteed benefits throughout the products’ lifecycle and beyond. Our team of experts provides routine visits and complete system audits, complete rebuilds and also retrofits. With operations in North America and Europe, short turnaround times and the latest technology, these rebuilds are a cost-effective means of extending the benefits of the initial investment.

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