Refiner plates of the ANDRITZ TwinFloPrime Refiner

TwinFlo Prime

Concentrated performance in a very compact design

The newly developed LC refiner combines the well-proven basic principles of the current ANDRITZ TwinFlo refiner with the higher energy input possible, reduced maintenance needs, and increased refiner plate lifetime.

Basic principles:

  • Disc refiner with two refining zones
  • Cantilevered refiner shaft
  • Diverse refiner plate designs to meet different pulp properties to best advantage

Watch the product presentation by Thomas Reisinger, Director Mechanical Design at ANDRITZ, and get to know the innovative features of the new TwinFlo Prime.

The ANDRITZ TwinFlo Prime features the following innovations:

Fixed connection between rotor and shaft

Hydrodynamic, water-lubricated plain bearing

Reduced wear on refiner plates

Advanced operating conditions

Versatile in application

TwinFlo Prime refiner – in the open position

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TwinFloPrime Refiner - Optimum pulp flow to each refining zone

Optimum pulp flow to each refining zone

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In comparison: 30% reduction in refiner length

In comparison: 30% reduction in refiner length


Major advantages

  • Far higher specific energy input possible compared to conventional disc refiners
  • More flexibility for different process applications
  • Very precise refining gap for improved refining performance
  • Small footprint
  • Improved refiner plate lifetime
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved operational behavior
  • Reduced shutdown times

TwinFlo Prime – fixed connection between rotor and shaft


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