Stock preparation

Excellent fiber pocessing for all paper and board grades

Enhanced fiber quality with economical use of resources

ANDRITZ offers complete fiber preparation systems comprising well-proven equipment in every process step:

  • Application-matched recycled fiber systems: deinking lines for tissue, newsprint and graphic papers; recycled fiber and mixed waste paper lines – processing OCC (Old Corrugated Containers) and other raw materials  – for different types of packaging grades
  • Stock preparation and approach flow systems – from pulp feed to the mill up to the paper machine headbox
  • Sludge, reject, and water treatment systems for all pulp and paper applications, including waste-to-value systems to convert rejects into valuable resources and energy

Explore the fully equipped stock preparation pilot plant at ANDRITZ´s headquarters in Graz, Austria.

Papermakers have the possibility to test their ideas on a pilot scale and simulate paper mill conditions – regardless of whether a certain single equipment or a complete line in different setups is being tested. All kinds of raw materials can be processed with small industrial scale units instead of laboratory-scale equipment. Find out what “Trial and no error in stock preparation” means to ANDRITZ and see the video!

Smaller ecological footprint

  • All units and systems are designed to have the lowest possible impact on the environment through high operational efficiencies and low energy consumption levels.

  • Waste-to-value processes contribute towards achieving a smaller ecological footprint and, at the same time, enhance a mill‘s profitability by recycling many of the mill waste products.


Stock preparation systems

Systems made from high-quality, individual fiber preparation components

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Approach flow systems

Well-proven in mills worldwide

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Recycled fiber production

We deliver complete production lines or individual components for the recycling of packaging grades or fibers containing...

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Deinking systems

Bright solutions for deinking pulp

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Industrial grades systems

Processing low-grade furnishes into high-quality pulp

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Fiber recovery

Flexible operation – proven technology with innovative ideas

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Waste to value

Don´t waste your waste

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