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Fiber R&D Center Graz

Customer trials, research and development

Trial and error is a very common way of solving problems: You try, you fail, you try something else, and hopefully succeed in the end. All the more important that this principle is put into practice in the right place and not in a paper mill – where the goal is uptime, efficiency, and throughput 24/7.

At the Fiber R&D Center in Graz, papermakers have a fully equipped area to test their ideas for equipment, processes, and products on pilot-plant scale – without impacting mill operations. Running the trials and making the errors at our pilot plant means that there are no errors at your mill.

The R&D Center is fully equipped for equipment and process R&D as well as direct work for customer trials. It is flexible enough to accommodate single machine testing or complete process lines and is able to process both recycled and virgin fibers. If needed for a specific trial, our specialists have the ability to collaborate with experts in one of our other ANDRITZ R&D facilities in Austria, China and the US.

Portrait of Laura Liukkonen, Technology Manager

“The Fiber R&D Center is a place, where new raw materials or process configurations can be tested in risk-free environment prior to investment commitment. Customers can see the benefits of a new concept themselves in realistic process conditions before taking the decision.”


Director of Fiber R&D Center Graz, Austria

Benefits of the Fiber R&D Center Graz

  • Testing of all different kinds of pulp (virgin, recycled, annual plants, mechanical, man-made fibers)
  • Simulation of complete lines with different layouts
  • Testing of single machines
  • Real-mill environment with industrial-scale machines
  • Easy accommodation of prototypes
  • Dewatering capabilities so that pulp can be tested on a paper machine
  • Full data logging and documentation
  • Flexibility in piping for different machine configurations

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Inside view of the Pilot Plant, Graz, Austria

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Wet laboratory

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FibreSolve pulper - interior view

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TwinFlo and Papillon refiner

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  • Fiber R&D Center Graz

    Fiber R&D Center Graz, for customer trials, research and development

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