Fiber recovery

Flexible operation and proven technology with innovative ideas

PrimeFilter D disc filter

Technically superior performance with less maintenance

With over 600 units in operation, the vacuum-assisted ANDRITZ DiscFilter is regarded as key equipment when it comes to handling most demanding thickening applications. A series of technical innovations have been incorporated into the new ANDRITZ PrimeFilter D to deliver superior throughput and operation with reduced energy costs:

  • HHw technology for advanced feeding and optimum flow conditions within the filter
  • CC bagless sectors offering significant improvements in terms of operation and maintenance
  • Two-level shaft sealing is easy to accessible and ensures improved reliability at superior filtrate quality
ANDRITZ PrimeFilterD DiscFilter closed

Benefits of the PrimeFilter D

  • Superior throughput – production increase per disc area of up to 20%
  • Superior operation
  • Less energy, less water needed
  • Improved maintenance


Compact and flexible deashing, efficient fiber recovery

The RotoWash is used for both, for deashing pulp and recovering fibers from filtrates and sludges. It also can be utilized as a protection filter for shower nozzles and alike. The machine design is based upon well-proven pressure screen technology.

The pulp filtrate of sludge suspension flows over a perforated plate with 100-300 µm holes with a high open area. The combination of basket and parabolic rotor creates optimum flow conditions. The fine basket perforations ensure superior fiber retention and boost filtrate quality.

RotoWash RW

Benefits of the ANDRITZ RotoWash

  • Efficient fiber recovery – low solids content in effluent water
  • Closed system and maintenance-free operation
  • Can be easily adapted to specific process conditions by simple modification of operating parameters

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  • PrimeFilter D

    Technically superior performance with less maintenance

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