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PrimePress XT Evo shoe press for tissue production

Evolution not revolution:

ANDRITZ continues to develop its PrimePress XT shoe press to achieve an even higher level of dewatering performance while enhancing tissue quality.

Watch our video an learn more about shoe press technology for tissue production!

While shoe presses have been around for decades, their application for tissue production was introduced in the late 1990s. ANDRITZ was one of the pioneers in this development work for the tissue segment. The main benefits of shoe presses for tissue applications are the potential for higher after-press dryness to reduce thermal drying requirements (allowing the tissue maker to increase production for the same level of thermal energy consumption), and the opportunity to save bulk (requiring less virgin fiber or allowing the tissue maker to substitute less costly furnish to meet a given quality level).

Based on 14 years of experience, ANDRITZ has now evolved its PrimePress XT shoe press into a state-of-the-art version – the PrimePress XT Evo – to further enhance dewatering and tissue quality and reduce operating costs.

PrimePress XT Evo

Application of a shoe pressure in tissue production is unique in that the forming of the sheet is performed on a water-saturated felt (Crescent Former concept). Careful sizing of the sheet pre-dewatering is required. The pressing is performed against a Yankee, which is challenging as the Yankee is not a perfect counter-roll press member.

Shoe Press XT Evo


Unique edge control system

The new edge control system gives full control of the critical edge zones to the papermaker. In the edge area the local lineload can be controlled and the optimum press nip can be set. Together with the flexible shoe design, the individual control of the edge zones enables:

  • Compensation of edge issues
  • Compensation of crown issues
  • Setting of customized optimum press nip conditions at the edges

Additional benefits of the PrimePress XT Evo design

  • Flexible shoe that is ideal for pressing against the Yankee – able to adapt to the cylinder, but sufficiently stiff to achieve the required nip pressure profiles
  • Maintaining bulk and/or high post-press dryness through its shoe and loading design
  • Patented shoe loading system
  • Efficiently lean hydraulic system, satisfying low pressure levels and lowering the cost of operations

At a glance

  • Third generation of the PrimePress XT shoe press
  • Individually controlled edge zones
  • Improved dewatering, higher post-press dryness, and reduced need for thermal drying
  • High-quality and bulky tissue
  • Lower energy consumption – lower operating costs
  • Lower investment cost

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