Metris X - Distributed Control System (DCS)

With a holistic approach in customized plant engineering, ANDRITZ supplies automation products and solutions for a wide spectrum of industries under the brand Metris X. In-depth automation expertise and many years of experience in the field of information technology enable ANDRITZ to provide support services for industrial plants, from control systems to high-end digital solutions, throughout their entire life cycle. The synergies between automation and information technologies form the basis for optimized, individual solutions from a single source. This one-stop-shop solution covers an extensive portfolio of functionalities.

Metris X – the hardware independent DCS

Metris X is an hardware-independent edge-PC based “all-in-one” distributed control system (DCS) including logic design and process visualization. It covers all the functions needed for the automation of single machines, up to complete enterprise solutions for the use in various process industries. As Metris X is an integrated part of the Metris UX platform all relevant derived data from other Metris applications can be taking into consideration for an enhanced calculation in the DCS system.

With Metris X the customer is free to choose its preferred industrial hardware components. Metris X can be applied either to greenfield, or brownfield projects, including the possibility to re-use existing I/O installations.

Besides the standard automation function blocks, an extensive amount of high-end industry specific process libraries are available – the so called APCs (Advanced process controls), which are being directly represented as a function block.

Metris X – the Symbiosis of two worlds – Automation and Machine Learning

With Metris X, ANDRITZ combines the worlds of Automation and Machine learning in one solution. On the one hand, the world of data scientists and, on the other hand, the world of process plant automation engineers, which are now merged together into one environment.

With the open integration of different Data Scientist tools (Machine Learning Notebooks), ANDRITZ Automation offers a seamless integrated working environment for Data Scientists coming straight from university and enabling AI applications without plant engineering knowledge. Universally known AI development environments, such as Google Tensor Flow, Python, etc., provide the integrated foundation for building AI-based methods and models.

Automation engineers have now in addition the ability to create and train these AI models directly using the same automation engineering environment. The AI-based models appear like standard function blocks in the controller and thus can be used directly by automation engineers for open- and closed-loop control tasks.


Metris X – Easy creation of soft sensors

The creation of soft-sensors was never that easy. The availability of an integrated engineering environment containing AI based models in combination with Automation allows now each Automation engineer to create, train and use soft sensors directly in their known environment.


  • Maximum flexibility by using vendor independent hardware and/or reuse of existing I/O systems
  • Efficient use of automation resources by means of modern software engineering approach
    with configuration rather than programming
  • Ready to use for single machines up to enterprise solutions
  • Faster start-ups due to integrated  simulation of the entire mill/plant
  • Highest process efficiencies thanks to fully integrated, continuously developed Advanced Process Control library and AI functionalities

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