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Metris solutions for various industries

ANDRITZ combines technology, innovation, and know-how in digitalization under Metris - Digital Solutions. The latest developments in the areas of technology covered by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are constantly being integrated into resultoriented solutions for the following industries.

Metris products and solutions

Autonomous power boiler solution

Metris BOA is the industrial internet of things (IIoT) web application for smart power boilers, which utilizes big data (B), to optimize (O) and analyze (A) the power plant processes and monitor the installed equipment.

Metris DiOMera
Metris DiOMera

Maximize the availability of your hydropower plant with Metris DiOMera.

Metris Advanced Furnace Control (AFC)

An innovative solution for controlling annealing furnaces.

metris opp
Metris OPP for Metals

Improving the performance of metal production lines with Metris OPP (Optimization of Process Performance).

Metris OPP - Optimization of Process Performance

A combination of the latest technological insights in digitalization with in-house process experience.

Metris DryQ

The DryQ™ smart pulp drying solution is a new intelligent solution for the pulp drying system.

ANDRITZ Separatoin
Metris addIQ control systems

Intelligence for machine and process control with Metris addIQ control systems.

Metris addIQ control system

... for filter presses.

Metris addIQ control system

... for contact drum and paddle dryers.

Metris addIQ control system

... for decanter centrifuges.

Metris UX Platform
Metris All-in-One Platform

Providing full support for industrial plants throughout their entire life cycle based on IIoT/Industry 4.0 solutions.

Condition Monitoring

Monitoring the condition/status of machines and systems can predict damages and outages.

Metris technologies
Metris X - Distributed Control System (DCS)

A holistic approach in customized plant engineering.

Metris Vibe

Wireless condition monitoring to analyze the status of machines and plants.

Metris Spare Parts Catalog
Metris Spare Parts Catalog

It helps to order spare and wear parts efficiently.

Metris AVA

Metris AVA, Advanced Visual Analysis, is a measurement system by ANDRITZ that provides operators visual view as usable numbers.

Metris Digital Twin

Improving your operation with Digital Twin Technology.

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