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ANDRITZ Digital Solutions

As the IIoT will be a core topic in the future to maintain and enhance the ability to compete, ANDRITZ has combined its innovative IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, which is field-proven in many reference plants, with immediate effect under the technology brand “Metris – ANDRITZ Digital Solutions”.

Metris technologies are the very latest state-of-the-art in the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) or Industry 4.0 sector and can be fully tailored to individual customer requirements.

The Metris brand name is a combination of the words metis – which in Greek mythology stands for practical, complex implicit knowledge – and matrix, i.e. arranging numerical data cybernetically to control and adjust machines.

Strategic pillars of digitalization for individual solutions

With Metris - ANDRITZ Digital Solutions - customers are preparing for the growing digital challenges in the industrial environment. They are paving the way for digital predictability.

Metris Strategic Pillars

Metris technologies are aimed at digitalizing and networking machines and plants as well as developing new customer-specific solutions. Metris products are the very latest state of the art – they can be customized to suit individual customer requirements, and they make a substantial contribution towards helping customers achieve the best possible productivity and efficiency goals.

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Metris UX Platform

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