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Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring systems are described as systems that monitor the condition of machines and systems. The primary goal of Condition Monitoring is to determine and relay the current condition of a system as well as to provide advanced detection or prediction of a fault and any possible damage.

Condition Monitoring System

Functionalities of the Condition Monitoring System:

  • Monitoring the condition/status of machines and systems
  • Vibration is one of the first indications that some form of damage is developing
  • Detection in advance can predict potential damage and outages
  • Send warning/alarm to the operator
  • Means of increasing reliability and customer productivity, as well as decreasing downtime
  • Detect unexpected noise/sounds
  • Schedule a more effective maintenance plan, including planned stoppages
  • Smart spare part management

Metris Vibe

Wireless condition monitoring to analyze the status of machines and plants.

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Metris Vibe App

Collecting information from the Metris Vibe sensor to provide condition monitoring insights.

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Metris UX Platform

Added value with the newly developed Metris digital platform.

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