High-consistency pulping

Efficient slushing of recycled and virgin fiber pulps

HC pulper FibreSolve FSH: efficient pulping for various pulp grades

The FibreSolve FSH pulper is operated in batch mode. The outstanding design of the FSH rotor provides high capacity, small vat volumes, and low power consumption. The unique rotor creates excellent circulation within the vat which permits operation at consistencies up to 18%. Guiding plates on the rotor flights support the pulp flow. The FibreSolve FSH is suitable for all waste paper grades, including wet strength material. Additionally, it can be used for virgin fiber and broke applications. Optional screen plates and deflaking blocks offer highest efficiency and flexibility. Depending on the amount of coarse contaminants in the raw material, two different discharge systems are applied:

  • FibreGuard FG-HR system with the FibreWash drum FWD
  • FibreGuard FG-H system

Benefits of the high-consistency pulper FibreSolve FSH

  • Pulping consistency between 12–18%
  • Highly efficient ink detaching
  • Several rotor and vat sizes are available for various capacities
  • Optional discharge through screen plate
  • Different discharge systems and deflaking blocks available depending on furnish demands

FibreGuard FG-HR: HC discharge system

The FibreGuard FG-HR discharge system is applied for white recovered paper and has the following features:

  • Early and gentle removal of contaminants
  • Short discharge times and short retention times for contaminants
  • High screening efficiency due to the small holes in the detrashing machine
  • Low residual flake content
  • Accept stock consistency >4%
  • Flexible due to adjustable cycle times
  • FibreGuard FG-HR discharges intermittently to the FibreWash drum FWD
  • Wear-resistance rotor and wear strips on screen plate

FibreGuard FG-H: HC discharge system

The FibreGuard FG-H discharge system is designed for a smaller amount of coarse contaminants and for pulping of wet strength material. Detrashing with FibreGuard FG-H results in a simple HC pulping system with a minimum number of pulping components.

Benefits of the FibreGuard FG-H discharge system

  • Large volume and generous open screening area increase the throughput
  • Washing out of remaining fibers increases the fiber yield
  • Low-shear blades minimize destruction of trash and wear
  • Full diameter of the extraction plate covered by the rotor
  • Easy opening of the machine: housing is moved by using integrated roller bearings
  • Gap between rotor and screen plate can be adjusted from the outside
  • Solid frame construction for heavy duty

FibreWash drum FWD

The FibreWash drum FWD is applied as the final stage in conventional pulping systems. It receives rejects from detrashing machines to recover fibers and to pre-dewater rejects prior to the reject handling system.


Benefits of the FibreWash drum FWD

  • Optimum fiber recovery due to drum being open on one side
  • Large accumulation volume due to slanted drum design
  • Drum cleaning by internal spray pipe
  • Easy maintenance due to two inspection openings being provided in the hood

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