Low-consistency pulper FibreSolve FSR

Low-consistency pulping

Efficient pulping of recycled and virgin fiber pulps

The low-consistency (LC) pulper FibreSolve FSR is ideal for pulping recycled fibers which do not require deinking, such as packaging grades like OCC or mixed waste. The pulper has a highly effective rotor that is able to operate at higher consistencies and at specific energy consumption among the lowest in the industry. The rotor is installed on a raised extraction chamber, which extends the life of the pulper components in order to minimize maintenance and replacement costs.

Low-consistency pulper FibreSolve FSR

FibreSolve FSR pulper

Benefits of the FibreSolve FSR pulper

  • Vat capacity: up to 160 m³
  • Raised extraction plate means reduced wear and lower operating cost, better ragger operation (no lost or broken rags)
  • Rotor mounted directly on gear shaft end
  • Wear-resistant rotor and wear strips on screen plate
  • Various sealing arrangements available, to suit mill standards
  • TrashWell/TrashTrap for separation of heavy contaminants

ANDRITZ detrashing systems

The FibreSolve FSR pulper is typically kept in good running order by using a detrashing system. The system cleans a continuously operating pulper and separates fibers from the impurities. A partial flow of approx. 20–30%, including most of the accumulated contaminants, is handled in this detrashing process.

The ANDRITZ detrashing system consists of either a TrashWell TW with grapple hoist for heavy reject removal or a TrashTrap TT equipped with a heavy junk trap.

The FibreGuard FG detrashing system comprises a continuous FibreGuard FG detrashing machine which is fed by the detrashing pump DP.

The combination of these components into one smooth detrashing process results in minimum debris content in the pulper vat and includes the separation of heavy and light debris.


Features of FibreGuard FG detrashing machine

  • Space-saving hinged cover
  • Waterless shaft seal
  • Pulper discharge flows to the detrashing machine with (FibreGuard FG) additional pump
  • Easy rotor assembly with shrink fit on a straight shaft
  • Capacity increase through forward feed of detrashing machine accepts
  • Wear resistant rotor saves operating costs

Features of the detrashing pump DP

The detrashing pump is part of the FibreGuard FG system for transferring pulp from the pulper vat to the detrashing machine. It is designed for trouble-free operation and is highly efficient, resulting in low wear, long life, and low energy consumption.

Benefits of ANDRITZ detrashing systems

  • Non-disintegrated papers are re-pulped and forwarded to the pulper discharge pump
  • Rotor and screen plate with wear strips for secondary pulping
  • Detrashing machine discharge flow to the FibreWash drum
  • Wear resistant rotor

Detrashing machine FibreGuard FG


FibreWash drum FWD

The FibreWash drum FWD is applied as the final stage in conventional pulping systems. It receives rejects from detrashing machines to recover fibers and to pre-dewater rejects prior to the reject handling system.


Benefits of the FibreWash drum FWD

  • Optimum fiber recovery due to one-sided open drum or continuous operation
  • Large accumulation volume due to slanted drum design
  • Drum cleaning by internal spray pipe
  • Easy maintenance due to two inspection openings installed in the hood

RagPull RP

The RagPull RP ragger uses a rope to remove spinning contaminants (e.g. wire, plastics, strings, etc.), while minimizing fiber loss from the pulper.

Features of the RagPull RP

  • Adjustable time relay for intervals and running times
  • Pneumatic loading and relieving of the loading roller
  • In case of irregularities in rope formation, easy insertion of the rope and quick intervention by fast forward and reverse running

RagCut RC

The RagCut RC is used for cutting the rope transferred from the RagPull ragger.

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