Optimize efficiency and maximize profit

ANDRITZ has combined its proven filter press automation solutions with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) - technologies to create new mechanisms and features that promise an increase in product quality and a decrease in operating costs: the Intelligent Filter Press.

Get ready for the future of filtration

With ANDRITZ filter press technology, you are prepared for the opportunities that come with digitalization and IIoT – all to the degree that fits your individual needs.

  • With a broad portfolio of automation solutions: From smart sensors to collect all the relevant operational data of your filter press, to sophisticated data analytics to turn data into relevant information, to augmented reality that visualizes the information for the operator.
  • For different degrees of automation: From manual operations to fully automated filter presses.
  • For a wide range of purposes: From predictive maintenance solutions, to process monitoring and troubleshooting, to long-term trending.

Four building blocks form an intelligent filter press:



  • Increased capacity by optimizing cycle time
  • Optimized process parameters
  • Just-in-time detection of batch faults
  • Ensuring ideal process conditions for downstream equipment
  • Increased process reliability thanks to quality monitoring features
  • Optimized productivity for filter press plants

Intelligent packages to improve your filter press and process​​​​​​​


Metris addIQ ACE for filter presses

In operations with multiple filter presses, operators make decisions on when is the best time to take one of the machines out of operation for washing or cloth change. This decision affects overall production and water consumption. At this level, operators need to consider the efficiency of filtration operations as a whole. When there are more than four filter presses in the plant, it can be very complex to maintain an overview of the entire operation. 

Operators have to consider many aspects of the operation constantly, such as bottlenecks in throughput, availability of water, and the operating status in upstream and downstream equipment. Metris addIQ ACE for filter presses considers all the aspects mentioned, automates the decision-making process, and optimizes the entire filter press operation – uniformly and holistically.



  • Automated filter operation for more filter presses
  • Maximized filtration throughput and plant efficiency
  • Intelligent decision-making for water and power consumption
  • Intelligent trade-offs between availability, filtration efficiency, and throughput
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    Get ready for the future of filtration

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Optimize efficiency and maximize profit with the ANDRITZ intelligent filter press

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