ANDRITZ Diatec: 30 years of premium hygiene converting

Welcome to the party: ANDRITZ Diatec, a success story that has lasted now for 30 years

When you not only persist but lead in a complex market with ambitious goals, it is definitely a real success story. Time, now in 2022, to celebrate ANDRITZ Diatec and prepare for the next 30 years with energy and innovative ideas.

From then to now - we came a long way

It's amazing how quickly 30 years can go by. From when the first ideas for machine technology were put down on paper, to the first line we assembled in our pilot plant, to the many customers worldwide who today use a hygiene converting line from Diatec - and since 2018 ANDRITZ Diatec - for the production of high-quality disposables for personal hygiene.

Vintage logo design of ANDRITZ Diatec in 1992


Celebrate with us!

We are glad to share with you all of our achievements since you, our customers, are an integral part of our success.

Currently we are planning to do a special Customer Day, dedicated to our business but morover to celebrate our 30th anniversary with YOU as part of our business. The program for this special day will be a piece of everything: workshops, live demonstrations of our line, presentation, and plenty of space for inspiring discussions and exchanges.

2022: 30 years of ANDRITZ Diatec

Looking back on 30 years of success


Passionate for innovation

Passion is one of the best prerequisites for success. ANDRITZ Diatec has always been driven by the fascination to make existing machines and technologies even better, and thus innovation has become one of the main drivers of our history. An excellent knowledge of customer needs, e.g. for efficiency and productivity, made us grow until we took another quantum leap in 2018 and became part of the ANDRITZ Group. This opened up new opportunities for us in terms of digitalization and service performance worldwide. Nevertheless, we have remained and will remain a down-to-earth and customer-friendly specialist for hygiene converting machine lines.

Latest innvovation: ANDRITZ adult pant eXcelle

More than 200

production lines delivered

More than 200

installed kits worldwide

Over 15 machine models

for diapers, pants, sanitary napkins, underpads, food pads, laminating

From Collecorvino to the world

Collecorvino, near the coastal town of Pescara in central Italy, beautifully nestled in the Abruzzo countryside, is the home base of ANDRITZ Diatec, development center for technologies for manufacturing personal hygiene products. For 30 years, a highly qualified team of engineers and sales specialists has been working here with great success. The figures speak for themselves: over 200 production lines delivered and over 200 retrofit kits supplied to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Successful on- and offline

ANDRITZ Diatec is now a fixture at all trade fairs for the hygiene industry worldwide. And ANDRITZ Diatec also leads the way with its ideas in the field of online promotion. Whether in 2020 with the successful campaign for the new ANDRITZ face mask eXcelle or in 2021 for the new adult pant line. At this point, we would also like to thank you once again for the numerous positive feedbacks from our customers and our sales agencies, whether here on the website, on LinkedIn, or YouTube.