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ANDRITZ HYDRO to supply electromechanical equipment for the Ribeiradio and Ermida hydropower plants, Portugal


International technology group ANDRITZ has received a contract from Electricidade de Portugal (EDP) to supply the complete electromechanical equipment for Ribeiradio and Ermida hydropower stations.

These new power plants will be built on the Rio Vouga river approximately 100 km south east of the city of Porto. Commissioning is planned for early 2014.

In Ribeiradio, the main stage of the scheme, a nominal flow of 125 m3/s will be utilized with a net head of 65 m. ANDRITZ HYDRO will supply the Francis turbine with a runner diameter of 3.7 m and a nominal output of 77 MW. The Ermida power station will be equipped with two double-regulated compact axial turbines (1,950 mm runner diameter and a nominal output of 3.8 MW each). The scope of supply for both hydropower plants also includes synchronous generators, control systems, hydromechanical equipment, as well as electrical and mechanical auxiliary systems.

ANDRITZ HYDRO is part of a consortium with the Portuguese company Efacec Engenharia S.A., which is responsible for local supplies and services. This complies with the customer’s request for a high proportion of supplies and services from Portugal.

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The ANDRITZ GROUP is a global market leader for supply of systems and services to the hydropower, pulp and paper, metals, and other specialized industries (solid/liquid separation, feed and biofuel). The Group is headquartered in Graz, Austria, and has a staff of approximately 13,400 employees worldwide. ANDRITZ operates over 120 production sites, service and sales companies all around the world.


ANDRITZ HYDRO is a global supplier of electromechanical equipment and services for hydropower plants. With over 170 years of experience and more than 30,000 turbines installed totaling approximately 400,000 MW output, ANDRITZ HYDRO is a leader in the world market for hydraulic power generation, offering the complete product portfolio including turbines, generators, and additional equipment of all types and sizes: ‘From water to wire’ for small hydro applications up to more than 800 MW output. Additionally, ANDRITZ HYDRO holds a top position in the growing power plant service, refurbishment, and upgrade market. Further fields of activity are development, design, and manufacture of pumps for selected applications (e.g. for water transport, in the energy sector, in the pulp and paper industry) and of turbo generators for gas and steam power plants.

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