Let your performance grow with the new innovative Metris DryQ smart solution from ANDRITZ

The DryQ™ smart pulp drying solution designed by ANDRITZ is a new intelligent solution for the pulp drying system. The introduction of our new DryQ smart pulp drying solution allowing you to measure, and therefore manage, your whole production process through new digital solutions.

With the DryQ smart solutions, ANDRITZ has optimized pulp drying performance by introducing the following key factors:

  • Optimizing performance and reliability
  • Increasing operational runability
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Optimizing the use of resources

Analysis Software

Pulp drying software solution

It features data analysis correlation and alarm management to increase performance and flexibility of the process. It provides advanced statistics and automated root cause classification to secure the highest runability of the pulp drying system.


Smart Devices

Pulp drying sensors and tools

ANDRITZ offers a broad range of smart solutions for operators demanding the highest reliability, productivity and safety in the pulp drying area. Advanced sensors providing improved transparency of process and machine condition, coupled with intelligent process controls, quality control and diagnostics systems secure high and also stable performance throughout the entire pulp drying line.



Pulp drying expert support

With our three dedicated customer support centers – in Kotka, Finland, in Växjö, Sweden and in Graz, Austria – ANDRITZ experts are available to support customers in any aspects of their operations and can provide all the technical information, remote diagnostics and analytics needed for customers to achieve the maximum possible performance in a stable production line.