NAF Control Valves

NAF Turnex

Heavy-duty actuator for high-performance modulating control.



  • Ever since its introduction back in the 1980s, NAF Turnex has proven its unique features and maintenance-free operation. 

  • The robust linkage system with bushing provides an optimum torque curve for quarter-turn valves and eliminates play. This makes it ideal for rotary control applications. 

  • NAF Turnex is an integrated part of the NAF control valve package with a unique direct mounting concept. 

  • The actuator is also used for on/off service and has adjustable end-stops in both directions. 

  • Ever since we developed this state-of-the-art actuator the spare parts have been the same. This, combined with a unique system of sleeves, for different stem diameters, minimizes the number of spare parts. 

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NAF Control Valves
  • NAF Turnex - Technical Bulletin PDF : 1.4 MB
  • NAF Turnex - IOM PDF : 5 MB
  • NAF Turnex - Safety Manual PDF : 1.3 MB