NAF Control Valves

NAF Setball for MC-Pulp

High performance, rotary v-port control valve having an enlarged outlet making it especially suitable in applications for MC-pulp.

Setball for MC Pulp

Setball for MC Pulp

  • NAF Setball for MC-pulp meets the highest demands for control accuracy provided by the equal percentage characteristic and the splined connection between shaft and sector. 

  • The enlarged outlet provides a flow expansion to the MC-pulp when flowing through the valve. 

  • The flush port in the valve body facilitates cleaning if needed. 

  • Optional stem seal packing approved for fugitive emission acc. to (ISO 15848-1). 

  • Standard metal seat (Class IV). 

  • DN 80-350, 3”-14”, PN 16-40, ANSI Class 150 & 300 

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NAF Control Valves
  • NAF Setball MC Pulp - Technical Bulletin PDF : 3.6 MB