NAF Control Valves

NAF Setball SF

Cost-competitive, compact, rotary control, V-port ball sector valve that offers excellent rangeability and high-flow capacity.

Setball SF

Setball SF

  • Designed primarily as a compact rotary control valve – its V-port ball sector offers excellent equal percentage flow characteristics – it can also be used as a shut-off valve. 

  • Highly versatile solution to a range of general services as well as erosive applications such as fibers and slurries. 

  • The NAF Setball SF features a one-piece, leak-proof wafer-style body for minimized leakage paths, with a compact face-to-face dimension. This results in considerable material weight reduction and a clear price advantage. 

  • DN 25-250, 1″-10″, PN10-40, ANSI Class 150-300 

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NAF Control Valves
  • NAF Setball SF - Technical Bulletin PDF : 2.6 MB
  • NAF Setball SF - IOM PDF : 2.6 MB