NAF Control Valves

NAF Triball

A cost-efficient, metal- or soft seated, high-quality three-piece ball valve, with multiple end connections.

NAF Triball

NAF Triball

  • Available as a unique metal-seated solution with seat rings in Alloy 6. 

  • Version for sample valves where the ball needs to be close to the main pipe, to eliminate plugging. This solution can also be successfully used in pipe connections with high vibrations. 

  • ISO top for easy mounting of actuator. 

  • NAF Triball is equipped with a lockable hand lever as standard 

  • DN 10-100, PN 40 

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NAF Control Valves
  • NAF Triball - Technical Bulletin PDF : 2.3 MB
  • NAF Triball - IOM PDF : 2 MB