NAF Control Valves

NAF ProCap

Unique high-tech capping valve designed for automated filling of wood chips for batch digester applications in the pulp industry.



  • Maximized uptime and reduced maintenance requirements via eccentric hubs, which load the seat and provide tight shutoff. 

  • Increased efficiency provided by its unique design that prevents wood chips from getting stuck between the body and the ball. 

  • Improved safety and environment compliance due to tight shutoff that prevents leakage to the atmosphere during cooking sequence. 

  • Multiple options, including flushing system, control box, water mirror and pressure switch unit,  facilitates installation and further enhance safety and minimize maintenance . 

  • DN 500/700, 20″/28″; DN600/800, 24″/32″; DN750/950, 30″/38″; PN 16/ANSI Class 150. 

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NAF Control Valves
  • NAF ProCap Capping Valve - Technical Bulletin PDF : 2.2 MB
  • NAF ProCap - IOM PDF : 13.6 MB
  • NAF ProCap - Safety Manual PDF : 1.5 MB