Closeup inside view of a CompaDis disperser

Bleaching recycled pulp - Maximum brightness at minimum chemical costs

Producers of all kind of paper and board grades rely on ANDRITZ bleaching plants. ANDRITZ, one of the market leaders for high consistency bleaching technology, offers high consistency bleaching systems from a "simple" peroxide stage to a two-stage system (including reductive bleaching) for brightness levels above 80% ISO.

Bleaching tower and discharge system

CompaDis disperser CDI

Benefits of ANDRITZ high-consistency bleaching systems for recycled fiber pulps

  • Highest brightness for high-quality papers
  • Lowest chemical costs
  • Minimum COD generation
  • Optimized and proven equipment for a wide range of applications
  • Maximum runability
  • Flexible operation: partial load and control of brightness

The following components are generated for ANDRITZ recycled fiber high-consistency bleaching systems:

  • High-consistency bleaching tower with high, medium, or low consistency discharge systems
  • Medium-consistency bleaching tubes
  • Medium-consistency pumps
  • High-consistency mixer
  • CompaDis disperser

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