Your preferred service partner for wood processing, pulp mills, and power plants

While having specialized tools and technology is important, having knowledgeable, experienced and motivated people who can deliver excellent service is equally important.


The challenge

To find a reliable service partner to raise the overall production efficiency of the mill or power plant while keeping operating and maintenance costs to a minimum.

The solution

Specialized tools are important, but having the right service people is even more crucial. Our people are skilled at raising the production efficiency of your mill. We help you maintain, repair and upgrade your assets. Our expertise – from replacement parts to comprehensive maintenance programs – helps protect and extend the life of your equipment and lower your lifecycle costs. The right tools, and  the right people - with local support and global experience. Good reasons why ANDRITZ should be your service partner!


ANDRITZ service benefits

  • Pre-planned actions in close cooperation with mill personnel
  • Increased safety and continuous development
  • Maximum production and reduced lifecycle costs
  • Short, effective shutdowns and successful start-ups
  • Mill-wide knowledge, experience, reliability and cost efficiency
  • Improved energy efficiency and reduced chemical and wood consumption to minimize environmental impact

ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER - Services for wood processing, pulp mills and power plants

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